sunshine and doughnuts

On our way to the beach yesterday we passed the post office to buy registered mail for our special envelope.
From there. . .my beloved walked straight to the bakery and bought himself a very soft glazed doughnut as a reward.

The sun was shining and we took a left turn to the end of town to cross the bridge to head to our favorite view point.

The hill is a short 15 minute climb.

The beaches were deserted on either side.

Nothing but the pounding of the waves and the wind on our faces.

We used binoculars to look for whales ..
or puffins. .
but saw not one.
The sand kept swirling with the crashing waves to make muddy waters below.
I didn't intend to cliff dive anyways.

Later we walked as close to the waves coming in as we could without them catching us.

It's a game we play up the length of the beach.

Usually we win. .
and when we don't . .
we hurry and laugh.
Near noon we made our way back to the trailer to open a jar of green bean soup.
We spent the afternoon reading books outside. . .
grilled some steak for dinner . ..
and . .
that was Tuesday.
All for now. ..


  1. I get relaxed just reading about your relaxing day!

  2. I'd love to be seeing those views too!!!

  3. I didn't know puffin ranged so far south. You taught me something new!

    Have you two experimented with lifting dead logs on the trails to see if you can find snake nests? No? Hmmm....maybe that is just a Bernie thing to do on the Oregon coast.

  4. I'm waiting to see you take that dip. The ocean is never boring. I love your shots from different views. I love the sound of crashing waves.
    Maybe tonight you can serve up some hotdogs...I love those.

  5. The perfect beach day!
    I'm glad that the envelope has been mailed. I could imagine that its very presence was a teeny tiny black cloud sitting on the counter. Off with it!....and continue on with your holiday!

  6. Nothing is better then a doughnut and walking on the beach! Beautiful photos Lovella!

  7. What a great vacation. I can see why your favorite view is your favorite. Stunning.

  8. I'm thinking April might just be the perfect time to visit the Oregon Coast. How nice to have the beaches all to yourself!

    Oh...that doughnut looks most tempting!

  9. So glad you have a sunny day!

    Yummy looking doughnut - I hope he was sharing :)

    PS - what are you reading?

  10. Hi Lovella and Beloved,
    Ken and I decided to find out what you were doing....Ken was glad to see that you are almost 30% on your way to spending as much as we did the first day of our vacation! Glad to hear that you have additional envelopes incase they are needed.

    Everything is well here. The buck-bucks are happy and the little egg collector is keeping up his end of the bargain. The oldest granddaughter is feeling much better and up to her old antics. She helped me strip the beds yesterday and she did it with such gusto I was almost on the floor in laughter.

    Well, hope the remainer of your holiday is filled with beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Enjoy!
    Love, Linda-Lou

  11. Looks so beautiful.....a must vacation sometime I think. Kathy (MGCC)

  12. I love the ocean.. your photos are wonderful !
    If you didn't have kids, what would you come home for??


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