shopping tax free

We had our leisurely breakfast of coffee and bagels with cream cheese and homemade sour cherry jam.
Everyone needs a proper breakfast before setting out on the highways and byways without a proper map . .don't they?
Call us cheap . .we looked everywhere for a map of the city .. and we just couldn't find one without a big spiral bound book .. .and we haven't yet invested in a GPS. .
so ..
we get lost and found and ask at gas stations and then again at the next one because we couldn't understand the man at the first one.
We persevere though. .
and while I should be looking at the bare bones map with only the major streets ..
I take pictures of the neighborhoods that we travel through.
I must say ..
Portland has the most beautiful streets . .
their dogwood both pink and white are blooming in all their glory now and I wouldn't have seen that had we stuck to the highways and byways that should have taken us from point a to b.
Around noon . .
we pulled into Lloyd center . . after our side trip to camping world.
I'd like to say it was just as I remembered it. . .
but everything from our honeymoon memories did not not include much of the mall itself.
Having said that. .
it was nice to be back.
The little kids have a few things in the bag ..
and I found a few tops . .
and Terry found himself a gas powered hedge trimmer . . .saying he is still plenty young enough to be trimming his own hedge.
On our way "home". . we wanted to find Costco to pick up some jammies for the wee ones.
We got desperately lost once more . .but arrived before the big door closed.
We won that leg of the race . .woo hoo.
Just before pulling back into our campsite. .
we pulled into a grill .. and enjoyed some jambalaya. . and fish tacos. .
and arrived back at the trailer in time to see who got kicked off American Idol while I chatted online and kept an eye on the score of the hockey game.
And that my friends. .
was yesterday.


  1. Lovella, We are soon to be "full timers" in our RV. We always try to take the road less traveled. You miss so much from the interstates.

  2. Oh what adventures we can have on some unexpected detours! Blessings!

  3. Glad you made it through some neighborhoods. The trees are so pretty. I need to see some Dogwood soon :0)
    Looks like another great day with your guy!

  4. Thanks for the peek at Portland's blooming neighborhoods. It brings back heady memories of the springtime floral explosion that caught me by surprise during my first year of school in Oregon.

  5. The scenery on the unplanned route looks quite lovely! Glad you found you you went for...and more.

    I'm reading between the lines here...and noting that you now have camp chairs with a roof. But I'm still trying to figure out the figure skaters. Were you skating on thin ice at the Lloyd Centre?

  6. We got terribly lost when we went to portland one year. Since then we used a gps and it was way less stressful

  7. Loved the pictures of all your finds....stuff....and dogwoods. Mine is blooming outside my kitchen window. On line chatter...who would have thought we would be doing that.....we've come a long way! Kathy

  8. With a GPS, you'd certainly miss out on many adventures. Lovely mosaic and I'm so glad that your honeymoon memories don't all revolve around a mall.

  9. It's nice when you can just meander. What a lovely neighbourhood - all those pretty blooms!

    I've never had jambalaya but I'd like to give it a try! Perhaps you should post in on MGCC :)

    Thanks for keeping us posted on your adventures!

  10. Just saying hi - glad you found the mall, Wishing you safe travel home.


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