Cannon Beach day 2, 2010

8:00 AM ... we wake up to the sound of rain on the roof.
Without a clock near by to tell us the time. . .
we relax until the need for coffee causes one of us to rise.
As I fill the pot with water and fresh ground coffee I spot and clock and announce it is definitely time to get up.
The last time we both slept until 8 was so long ago . . .neither of us remember.
After a breakfast of farm fresh eggs and Pauline's Whole Wheat toast we shower and head to Warrenton where we can shop without dodging rain drops.
After a lunch of a hot dog at the brand spanking new Costco and a few new trinkets for our trailer. .
we're back on the road for the half hour drive back to LaConnor.
The ride is uneventful . . .as I hold the money order in plain view as a bit of a poor driving deterrent.
The showers had gone. .
and the clouds had parted enough for the sun to peek through for our afternoon stroll through town.
After a dinner of grilled chicken and fresh asparagus. .
we head down to the beach for the 7:58 sunset.

Last year at Cannon Beach...
the sun set but not within our view.
This year . . .
with just one sunset . .
I feel satisfied.

All for now . . .


  1. The sunsets God gives on any water are the most spectacular. Thank you for sharing the one you did. They are beautiful in the mountains where there is a break for one to see the sky, as well. But there is something special about them over the water. I miss them because we live in NC, but when we lived along the Gulf coast near Pensacola, Fl. they were breathtaking and I felt so close to God during the times at the beach seeing them.

  2. Beautiful sunset glorious to live in an area so close to oceans and mountains. I'm so thankful for the blogging world so I can enjoy it all through others eyes as well.

  3. Cannon Beach! A favorite stop when we hit the Oregon coast!

  4. Oh - simply breath-taking! I'm so glad to live on an Island - different coastline - but same gorgeous sun setting.

    Glad you're having a good rest!

  5. I agree with Sandy...sunsets on water are the best!

    I am celebrating today...God is so good! The sunset photo adds more sparkle to my joy.

  6. Those last two photos are so cool Lovella! Love the arms held high to "Glory" :0)

  7. Those sunsets are worth the drive, aren't they!
    The Great Dane would approve of your lunch choice - he loves it if I say 'yes' to a Costco hotdog!

  8. Watching God's glorious handiwork always touches my heart at a deeper, almost-can't-contain-the-joy level! Thanks for sharing your special get-a-way!

    Just an aside, it seems to me that when hubby and I were there eons ago, there was a store selling beachwear etc. and the floor was made of sand! That was so much fun!

  9. Amazing sunset...and I know that is just one of the things you so enjoy. There is just nothing like the ocean and sunset combination....I could feel your praise. Kathy (MGCC)

  10. Love those seaside sunsets!

    Do you know...I have never tried a Costco hotdog?

  11. Beautiful!! Enjoy the sleep-ins, the quiet moments, the shopping and more sunsets.

  12. Looks like you are taking some time for those sunsets. We seem to miss too many things while at home being busy.
    I'm smiling about your sleeping in...
    I love the long morning hours on a vacation...It feels so good to stay snuggled in bed with coffee.

  13. Sunsets like that one and sleeping with with your beloved as rain patters overhead and getting to see your friend's vacation pictures as they are happening:
    Proof that the best things in life really are free.

    Pretty darn good stuff (like Costco hot dogs) don't cost much more. Can't wait to see what ya'll do tomorrow!

  14. Cannon is my favorite beach in all of Oregon. We are a little over an hour away and escape there every chance we get. We have so many wonderful memories of Cannon Beach and are looking forward to lots more this summer.


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