Easter peek 2010

Just a quick peek at my Easter chick . .aka Kanneloni Macaroni. . .

with a special shot of her Easter bonnet 2010 style.

Everyone loves a baby chick ..

Good times. . .

were had by all.

The paska helpline has been disconnected . .

and I'm off for a walk.

I'll give some thought as to what I could possibly discuss for my next 1000 posts.

It's been quite the learning curve.

If I've learned anything. . .

it is that I don't know as much as I once thought I did . .

and that I want to be diligent in keeping my focus on .. .

what matters most.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.

All for now ..


  1. Now that child's color has got to be blue! And isn't Great-grandmother completely smitten?! One thousand posts? Hearty congrats. Good thing that those grands came along as they're going to help in the posting department.

  2. That's some bonnet! Isn't it fun to have a girls around the house? We visited with my nephew and his baby daughter yesterday - she had us all wrapped around her little finger!

  3. Adorable!! I have 2 boys, so it's fun for me to dream about little girl things. :-)

    Lovella, thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  4. Oh such sweetness! She's so pretty!
    I love the gathering of the eggs. It's my family's turn today.
    I've loved being along on the journey. Even though I don't always comment...I always read and enjoy visiting!
    Happy Easter!

  5. Such a cute little fashion bug! How blessed you are to have such precious grandies!

    Happy Easter -- a little belated.


  6. What a sweet band and flower...I'm sure she will be stylish all her life. I wanted a peep at her yellow ruffles below the sweet coat. Looks like the kiddies had fun! As for posting....love what greets me here. Kathy (MGCC)

  7. I love that kind of Easter bonnet...so sweet!

    1000 posts? It would seem a most daunting task to write that many posts...but life happens...and you talk about it...one day at a time. And we thank you for sharing your journey with us!

  8. So well put...who would of known that it is three years since I first came to your blog and made a brand new friend.
    Thanks for sharing this journey with me. You've inspired me and many others...to share life's journey, and we all know it's not with out a few knocks here and there.

  9. Very sweet pictures indeed! Love the yellow ruffles! And so special that great-grandma can still enjoy family times like this!

  10. A thousand posts, written one by one, and it is a blessing to look back and consider that the happy posts hugely outweighed the troubled moments. May the same be true for the next 1,000!

  11. I love those head bands with the huge flowers the little ones are sporting these days. She looks so cute in hers!! Fun times at Easter...

  12. What beautiful grands you have..even the little one seems to know it's a special day!

  13. This little Easter beauty looks just like she should be featured in a baby fashion magazine. She is so cute in her flowered headband and jean jacket. Oh the joy of celebrating the holidays with our little gifts from heaven.

    I totally understand your blogging sentiments. I love visiting the many wonderful blogs, but am realizing anew the little I really do know to share. Just to let you know my friend, whatever you feel led to share via the blogging world...I am happy to read since we are all on this life journey together.


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