etched in stone

In the morning . .
we walked through the shops at the outlet mall in Seaside.
There were things there that made me homesick. .

and things that made him wonder how things were going on the farm.
It was a passing thought for him ..
he put the wonder right out of his mind and resumed his vacation.
I spent some time looking at children's clothes . . .
and brought a bag out of the store for my bag handler to deal with.

By the time we got back to our campground the sun was fully out and we took the lane down to the beach . ..and then turned left to walk as far as we could.

The way to tell if a man is beginning to feel rested. . .
is if you are followed down the length of the beach ..
being poked in the neck with a claw.
Once we got the the outcropping of rocks . .
he pursued his interest in playing chicken with the ocean.

It is always intriguing to know how far the tide is out ..
and how quickly it will come in.

I called out encouragement that it looked bad for him.

I told him to take off his socks and shoes and make a run for it.

He won that round.

I did mention to him that hide and go seek would be a lot more fun with the wee ones.

He reminded me that he can be fun too. . .

and set about .. .

etching it in stone.
All for now . . .


  1. ;-) What sweet lovebirds you two are.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted (soon!)

  2. Haystack Rock! Are the puffins there this time of year?

  3. You two inspire me! (Oops! Did I just say something? Well, I couldn't help myself.) Keep having fun...

  4. Ahh so sweet! Glad you are having fun in such beautiful surroundings!!

  5. It looks relaxing and fun!

  6. No doubt about it - this is a successful holiday!
    I know that Seaside outlet well - been in that very children's store and had some fun, too!..and that's where I found my famous Totes backpack.
    Wishing you continued great weather!..

  7. I can tell that you are finally relaxing and I'm so glad that you are wearing that Yellow jacket.
    Keep playing Dare or Do!

  8. Lovebirds....perched on a rock....and leaving your mark on the beach. I love the haystack rocks, and the ocean.... Kathy

  9. You two are having way too much fun!

    Gummy eggs? I think I prefer the down-on-the-farm variety.

  10. You two look like a honeymoon couple :)

    Speaking of farm candy - there are gummy eggs and there are also power pigs - have you ever had them? My girl introduced them to me. Very chewy but tasty.

  11. Taking time out of the busyness of life to just be together and have fun, is so important. Enjoy each moment.

  12. Very sweet post, Lovella!
    I laughed at your explanation of a "rested man" and the little claw!

    Your pictures are great... I love the one at the bottom of all the recent posts... you with your arms held high celebrating the sunset!
    enJOY your time together! ~Maria

  13. So romantic..your initials 'etched in stone'.
    Word verification is 'upgrade' that about your hike?? grin

  14. We love the Oregon coast! What a lovely time you and your hubby are having.

    We are heading to Cannon Beach for the 4th of July this year with the wee ones. Can't wait to play hide and seek with them :D


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