Puffins and such

On Sunday morning we woke to crisp blue skies . .
and after we finished our pot of coffee we ventured down to the beach where we expected to see it crowded with folks . ..
staking their spots for the day.
What we saw instead was more real estate.
The tide was out further than we had ever seen it before and so we headed to Haystack rock to see what all the hub bub was about.

The local volunteers had telescopes set up to observe the puffins who have arrived to nest.
So far. .
they are only foraging for food and setting their sights on their nesting spot.
I could not capture a Puffin properly . .
this was the best I could do with my little powershot set as far as it could see.

We tend to lose interest much faster than most folks and we left them to their puffin observing.
Further down the beach we found we were able to head out to the huge rocks and climb about looking for starfish and mussels . ..jelly fish and other things we could not name.

Since the tide was out. . .
we were able to walk out around the bend to the next beach and found this shipwrecked house or beached house. . or house taken out by storm or tsunami.
Terry went up and did a proper tour . ..
I declined.

The beach was empty . .
except for us.
Lots of beach . .
two of us.
He felt it was safe enough for him to roll up his shorts a little higher . .
the kids back home always get a kick out of this habit of his.

We were finally met by others . .
out for their morning walk.

When our tummies began to grumble . .
we turned back . .
passed our rock . .
and talked about what there was to eat back at the trailer.

After lunch . .
we sat and read.
I have discovered this holiday . .
that he is better at cleaning my glasses . .
than I am.

. . and so he does.

We may not be in the tropics . .
but it sure did feel like it yesterday.
All for now . .


  1. Puffins are such cute things!!! Isn't it wonderful to be by the water! We all miss it so much here in the Midwest. I think it can be one of the most relaxing places ever. So glad you are having a good time!

  2. Don't you just love having a beach to yourselves?........and such a beautiful and normally popular one, too! Sounds like a very successful holiday.

  3. The moments of time that the two of you are spending together, in such a beautiful corner of the world, is a gift from God. Don't you wish you could stop time for a few days? Enjoy!

  4. Well that sounds like a most relaxing Sunday...in a beautiful place...with the sun shining down on you.

    Will he still have time to clean your glasses for you once you are back home? Hubby is the official glasses cleaner around here as well...always cleans the grands glasses when they come to visit.

  5. Isn't it wonderful to have such a beautiful beach all to yourselves. Breathtaking photos! The weather was amazing yesterday. So glad you got such a lovely day.

  6. Ohhh...is there a place where you can rent horses to ride on the beach? I've always wanted to do that.

    Maybe the puffins will drop by to check out your cooking. It is still Eastertide; do you think puffins would like paska?

  7. How relaxing..the beach to yourselves. I chuckled when you were obsrving the puffins and 'lost interest much faster than most folks'..we are like that too!
    I loved the look of that shipwrecked house..I would have been drawn in for the tour:)

  8. Beach combing....such fun. Looks like life is treating you guys well! Kathy (MGCC)

  9. I think you guys have found the perfect way for you to relax. It's beautiful there. I too love the horses walking on the beach. Did you find out if you can rent? Enjoy... it won't last forever...

  10. A little sun, a little ocean, a little romance, what else does one need on a well deserved holiday?
    Keep enjoying those relaxing days.

  11. Hi Lovella. What beautiful, empty beaches you are enjoying up there at the top of this country. I'm glad the weather is behaving for you.

  12. God gives such beauty to explore. Thank you for sharing the beauty with us.
    I miss the water...maybe a nice vacation when we have the time and money to go to the water....Ahh

  13. What a wonderful way to spend a morning! Thanks for sharing the photos. C


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