butter . . .
my wedding colors . . .
my grad dress . .

the tablecloth on my table right now . . .
baby chicks . .
bananas which make me think fondly of my cousin Grace . . .

a golden delicous apple picked fresh from a tree . .
juicy sweet pineapple . .
buttercups . . .

egg yolks . .
yellow raincoats . . .
and lemons . .

Oh the list is endless of the yellow things I love.

Can you name another?

All for now . .


  1. Yellow shoes, yellow towels, yellow pillow cases and sheets...yellow sun shining down on my yellow crocuses...oh, lovely yellow...I just LOVE this color! :)

  2. The walls in my family room, the walls in my kitchen, the walls in my dining room :-) I, too, love yellow. Your photos today are lovely and your trip to the tulip park looked delightful.

    Enjoy your day.

  3. look great in yellow! One of those colors I love, but not on me. I tend to choice yellows for my garden....that's where it does look good on me. Kathy

  4. Yellow... the sunny, happy color! I too love yellow and yes... one of the reasons is the one you mentioned BANANAS! You brought a smile to my face when I read that comment. I was happy to see the banana pancake recipe on MGCC this morning and I can't wait till breakfast tomorrow to try them so we are going to have them for dinner tonight! Have a great day Lovella. Love reading your blog everyday even if I don't always comment. Grace

  5. Summer squash, sporty corvettes, taxi cabs and "wait" on a traffic light. I still can see YELLOW spelled out in yellow construction paper on the wall of my kindergarten class. So many letters after simple RED and BLUE.


  6. Fields of dandelions make me happy so why is it that I've just been out digging them up from the foundation along the drive? I love all the yellow around here today!

  7. Your yellow post makes me smile. It reminds me of some lyrics that I respond with to yellow a lot! "they call me mellow yellow" or "we all live in a yellow submarine"
    Blessings on your day!

  8. Yellow pears..delicious! I love all the yellows's a happy color for sure:)

  9. Yellow looks great on you! And yellow looks fabulous out in the fields...buttercups and dandelions (not on our fields though!). Sunshine and daffodils...a cheery thought on a day like today.

    Love that buttery hyacyinth...was that taken at the tulip farm?

  10. Yes, I can name another yellow. POLLEN!!! It's that time of year in the SE US, and everything around is covered in a fine layer of the yellow dust. Including the inside of my nose, which explains the sneezing and stuffiness. It's the one yellow thing that isn't really pretty!

    Loved your yellow post!

  11. Such a happy sunny color. My kitchen is painted butter yellow. Favorite colors come and go except yellow is the one constant always fresh, pretty and bright. Your tulip photos look like they could be in Holland. Lovely. Mine are out of the ground but no blooms yet.

  12. A yellow slicker for rainy days! with matching boots. and a yellow fisherman's hat if you want to complete the Maritime picture :)

    The colour of the new paint going on my kitchen walls - a soft creamy yellow. I hope it turns out.

    Yellow is sucha nice springy colour.

  13. Your sweater...your tank top...It's so fun to see how some can wear the color and look terrific.
    Once when I wore something yellow...someone told me that color reminded her of hospital fluids.
    So I guess it depends where we come from.
    I love yellow flowers..daffodils and tulips.

  14. My grad dress too. Yikes a mini dress.
    Daffodils. My bedroom and a color I plan on using more in the house. Sunshine. Lemon meringue pie. Lemon bars. Beach house (no I don't have one). Yellow gingham curtains blowing in an open window. Yellow an essential feel-good color in the often gray Fraser Valley!

  15. what a beautiful tribute to 'yellow' ....
    what else is yellow ? how about that line in the middle of road that helps to keep us all safe? smile...
    And I'm with Kathy... yellow doesn't look good on me - but yellow daffodils in my garden are great !! the deer DON'T eat them!!!!!!!

  16. Lovella this is once again, me off-topic. But this is too important to be left unsaid, or to be said privately.

    I am here to offer sincere apologies to you for my unkind and very hurtful comment about Earth Day. Those posts of mine arose from complete misunderstandings of what you were saying, and to what your post applied.

    I wanted to say this here, where I most hurtfully and wrongfully called you a hypocrite.

    I hope you will understand, that I was wrong in my understanding, not intentionally trying to hurt you. I think that is all I can say privately.


  17. "all I can say PUBLICLY."

  18. The yellow dotted swiss dress I wore to my first formal when I was 14.~ rubber duckies ~ yellow roses ~ my mother's favorite color....I loved this post!

  19. Thank you so much anon 1. I am so touched by your apology. All is forgiven.

  20. Lemon meringue cheescake please ;)

    If warm fuzzies were a color I'm pretty sure they would be yellow too!

  21. Your yellows are exactly the same yellow as my first ever pair of high heeled shoes. They were perfect!



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