post Olympic wrap up

Well here we are. .

waving goodbye to all our friends who visited our land.

I thought about airing some dirty laundry but in the end. .

it all looks pretty clean from where I sit.

Sure. . and didn't we feel a bit bad about the spring weather.

How did we know that it would be such a no show winter for us?

While we've been pretending that it is still winter up in the mountains and in Vancouver. .

down on the farm ..

we've secretly been mowing lawn and drinking coffee outside in the sunshine.

I found the games to be a pause in the world events that never seem to stop.

The suffering and tragedies in the world carried on without us for awhile.

It almost seemed like we lived in a bubble of Canadian anthems and Mounties.

We licked the Maple Syrup from our fingers .. .

and wore our Canadian T shirts under our dress clothes to church.

We looked in our closets for the Cowichan sweaters from our youth . .

and we unabashadly proclaimed our nationality to anyone who cared to ask.

We phoned up our friends and connected on facebook with every victory.

Our Maple Leaf was seen more than ever before or perhaps ever again.

We ran to every Bay store in our hometowns looking for the all important Canadian gear . ..

and kissed our grands more than once for the party they will pay for into their retirement.

Today things will be pretty much back to normal here in the bungalow.

The sun will have come up as per usual.

The red and white theme will come down in the house. .

and the soft universal colors of Easter will replace them.

Once again we will turn our eyes and hearts to the world around us

and in the end ..

the things that really matter ...

are not silver nor gold. .

but that which will last eternal.

All for now...


  1. Love your post and thanks for sharing your fine city and all it has to offer with the world. Vancouver is absolutely beautiful! Mowing the lawn? really? I think we have a long ways to go til that day.

  2. Lovella it was a wonderful time for the world. I so enjoyed all that I watched and I watched a log. Last night's closing ceremony was beautiful too. I even liked the Russian presentation. You all have reason to be proud. Blessings

  3. Can't believe your weather! wow! Maybe it will be our turn soon. I think we've had snow on the ground almost the whole of February, which is a bit unheard of.

    I managed to see about 20 minutes of the olympics overall. :( Sometimes what you want just doesn't work out...maybe another time it will. Oh well. I'm glad you all had such a wonderful two weeks enjoying the games.

  4. It was a very good time - while it lasted - eh? :)

    A little tense in the men's hockey game last night. Phew . . . It would not do to give my American cousins crowing rights :)

    Well, we're not mowing lawns here on PEI on the first day of March - but rain is falling and melting away our dirty snow. Our Spring is not as far along as yours but it's definitely early. I'm not holding my breath though - spring is noted for one thing in the MAritimes - unpredictability. We could get a snowstorm in May :)

    Enjoy your coffee in the sunshine!

  5. I've really enjoyed your Olympic experience. It's almost like I was there myself.

  6. It really was a good party, wasn't it? I didn't get over, but the Great Dane did and I enjoyed his, yours, Judy's and Marg's stories. Thanks!

  7. Lovella, I've enjoyed reading about your Olympic experiences. You have seen a lot! It was partly your enthousiasm that prompted me to go to Vancouver last week and take some of the atmosphere in. And now, I like to read your perspective once it is over - that we must get back to 'work', and that things have been happening in the world around us despite our party here. Thanks for sharing. Dairymary

  8. It was a party for everyone, but I can't imagine that there'll be no letdown for you BC folks especially. Good thing that there are always delights to look forward to. Personally, I'd love to see the summer Olympics in Vancouver some year. I think it would be marvelous!

  9. OK....all I want right now is that yummy thing on your plate...I think it is a maple twist! You are right. The weather is amazing and spring is starting to show. Kathy (MGCC)

  10. Thanks so much for sharing your Olympic experience, Lovella. I felt your patriotism and excitement in every post. Thank you for a 'forward looking' thought today. Blessings to you.

  11. I throughly enjoyed these Olympics this year! Vancouver was a beautiful backdrop for the games. Canada won so many gold medals that I learned all the words to O Canada and I cannot get the song out of my keeps cycling through my subconscious.
    You live in a beautiful location!

    Kathy b

  12. It's been one historical event in which it was interesting how the world decided to celebrate...
    Yes, the real world never did stop...Don't you wish that sometimes it could remain peaceful...
    Enjoy your coffee in the sun...and I will continue to clean up, unplug my lights and get back to normal.

  13. I love, love that first photo Lovella..there is nothing like wash hanging out on a line esp such very whites as you have going there:)

  14. Lovella, Thank you for all of your posts about your Olympic adventures! It sounds like you have been in the right places at just the right moments. How fun! I know I don't take the time to make a comment near as often as I should because I sure do enjoy stopping by often to read what you've written. Thank you for writing. You might never know just how much of an encouragement your blog and the links to your other grown up girlfriends blogs is. Thank you for sharing your life with us! One day if I see you at church or somewhere else I will have to say thank you in person. I loved the whites on the clothes line in the sun and you sitting outside enjoying coffee and the sunshine too. May you have a blessed week. -- Amber Wiens

  15. I liked these words today Lovella. thanks.

  16. Thank you for sharing these thoughts - so poignantly said - so true! Being a Vancouver-ite I never imagined the games would have such an affect of me! Sitting at the closing ceremonies last night and witnessing the Canadianism of most of the participants (along with the 400,000+ on the streets afterwards) my thoughts turned to what heaven will be like when we all arrive!! Now that will be a celebration - we only got a glimpse of that in the last two weeks.

  17. Just want to say Hi - since I haven't been able to get into my mail. Such a great post! We missed the exciting end and were glad to hear any tidbits we could.

  18. Ahh a good reminder of our real hope and future and what we have to look forward to. I think I'll be mowing our lawn soon, too. Congratulations to you and your country on putting on a fabulous Olympics!!


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