the quilting store

After a lovely luncheon out yesterday . .

I found myself pulled into the beautiful fabric store next to the tea house.

Bolts of crisp cottons are like candy to my eye.

I wander from one enticing project to another.

Memories of easter dresses that my mother made me. . .

and I do remember them. .

draw me to this small little dress.

I never had a sister as a wee girl . .

but I know two little girlies that have each other as cousins. . .

and they shall have matching dresses to wear this spring.

Sure. . you'll see the finished dresses when I'm done.

All for now. .


  1. what a sweet pattern! When my sister and I were really little, my mom would put us in matching dresses and one year, my mom, grandma, and us two girls all had matching dresses for Easter Sunday church. I think we were quite the fashion statement.
    How precious your two little ones will look. Please be sure to share a pic with us...

  2. That's a great store. The girls will be so cute in their matching dresses.

    Oh - and the long slide is at Sandy Hill Elementary School. Have fun.

  3. I just have to ask - which quilt store. As a quilter, I'm always intrigues to learn where people find their inspiration and their supplies. Cute dress - looking forward to seeing pics of them on the girls when you're done.

  4. I remember that shop from my visit. It is just the place to get the creative urges flowing.

    Will their baby dolls have matching outfits too?

  5. My mum used to dress my 11 month-younger sister and me in matching dresses - for our dolls as well.
    When I work in the valley I always try to visit the quilt shop in Fort Langley and I've looked for one in other towns nearby. I'd sure like to know if there is a quilt shop in the city in which I usually stay. Any hints?

  6. It's wonderful when the beat goes on. Hope you have great fun with this!

  7. Can't wait to see the finished products! I used to sew my girls Sunday dresses, but they don't want them anymore:( And I don't have time to sew much, too many sports schedules to keep track of!

  8. I love that store! I remember lots of homemade outfits as a kid ... I kind of wish it was still the thing (and economical) to make some of our own. Have fun making those adorable little dresses. Can't wait to see the finished products.

  9. ...what a blessing that will be. I so wish I could pop over so you could teach me to sew. If only, if only ;-)

    mama to 8
    we passed court...

    soon we will say...
    one homemade and 7 adopted
    (for now 6 1/2 adopted ;-))

  10. That looks like a great shop! How fun to make matching dresses for the girlies....

  11. LOVE this store, the fabric for my sons first baby quilt came from here- lovely place, i could spend hours in there!

  12. That is the place...I love it...I wish I had more in me about sewing..but I love to run through and touch things.
    Maybe some day if I get a little girl.
    I love dressing my boys in their Canada shirts. They stay at my house.

  13. Adorable! Kathy (MGCC)


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