make that 32

The day before we got married . . .
my beloved came and tucked my suitcase in his trunk for the honeymoon.
Thirty two years later we still love a little get away . . .
not too many that we take them forgranted .. .
and not enough that we forget that we need them.
He's tucked my suitcase in his trunk for a quick trip.
The trip doesn't require a plane . . .
nor a map ..
nor a stash of treats for the trip ...
but once we're there . . .
we'll love it all the same.
I was thinking yesterday afternoon . . .
he still loves me . .
and only me.
I must say .. .
I have noticed that the last few years he has gone sweet on two other girls . .
but I'm not worried. .
between the two of them. . .
they are 50 pounds soaking wet.
How does a girl keep a man happy for 32 years?
Pick a good man.
All for now. . .


  1. Happy Anniversary to you and your love, with many more to come:)

  2. Congratulations on your 32nd! Our 32nd will be in May. I agree - you've gotta get a really good man. I did, too!

  3. AMEN! You can't make a good man, so you'd better look for a good man! I'm another woman blessed to have found (and married) a good man. We celebrate our 25th in July, but then we were in our 30's when we got married, so we were old enough to know a good thing when we saw it! Have a great get-away!

  4. It's always fun to catch the glimpses you share of the past. I think you're right...marry a good man and that will make all the difference.

    Funny that you mention the grand-girlies. I was just talking yesterday with a friend who has three of'em. She shared just how smitten "Grandpa" is and how fun it is for her to watch him. (He never was this way with his own daughters.)

  5. Happy Anniversary!!!!! Love the pictures! hope you have a great little get-away!

  6. Happy Anniversary to you and your beloved! Thirty-two years together is a gift and an accomplishment in today's world. I too picked a good man - although I was young and the picking wasn't through wisdom. God was the third one in the relationship and I can't take credit for what his wisdom!

  7. Happy Anniversary! So good to see a good marriage ... a love that grows sweeter through the years! Wishing you many more wonderful years to share.

  8. A very Happy Anniversary to you and your guy Lovella.

  9. Happy 32nd Anniversary Lovella and Terry! Enjoy your getaway!
    Chuckling at what you said 'pick a good man'..I'm happy that I did too.

  10. Happy anniversary. Enjoy your time together this weekend. Those pictures made me smile. just several months before you I walked that exact isle and RB married us too. May God continue to bless your marriage. Love from us both. Kathy

  11. Happy Anniversary you two.
    Hope you have a great little getaway.
    You are such a good example to those around you and encouragement that good marriages still exist.

  12. LOVED the picture with the minister! ;-)
    Congrats - keep on celebrating!!!

  13. That's wonderful! Happy 32nd to you and your good man, and congratulations too!

  14. Happy 32nd Anniversary! Oh, how far you've come, the lessons you learned, the depth your love has grown. Just thoroughly enjoyed all of these pictures from what seems like another life time ago. Wishing you a wonderful, relaxing, peaceful time together, just enjoying time spent together. As for the two other loves...that is totally understood by this blogger.

  15. Happy happy anniversary - and many more!!
    Isn't it grand to have a good man :) we'll be celebrating 34 this year.

    Have a wonderful getaway!

  16. Many more wishes for a wonderful weekend away. I recognize the sanctuary. That's exactly where we got married also.
    Cherish the memories...

  17. Wishing you many more little anniversary getaways :)

  18. Joining all the well wishers! Happy Anniversary! What a blessing it is to wait upon the Lord's leading for a godly man. May the rest of your years be many and a blessing to others.

  19. Joining all the well wishers! Happy Anniversary! What a blessing it is to wait upon the Lord's leading for a godly man. May the rest of your years be many and a blessing to others.

  20. Happy Anniversary! I can't tell you just how awesome it is to see such a healthy marriage... so encouraging! I just smiled at the fact that you have a picture to document the placing of the suitcase in your beloved's car for your honeymoon. I thought to myself, "wow, she was making sure things were documented in pictures, even all those years ago!" Thanks for sharing. I've only been married for 5 years, but I completely agree... to find a good man is so important! --Amber


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