coal harbor

What a fantastic sunny afternoon yesterday in Vancouver.

After arriving at our hotel we went to enjoy lunch at Milestones with a view of the street below.

Our plan had been to shop but after an hour or so ..

the idea of a walk around the harbor was too hard to resist.

It is a 9 kilometer walk around the Stanley Park seawall .. .

how much we took off that total when we cut across at the totem poles. .

we're not sure. . . .

but by the time we arrived at English bay ..

we were ready for free Coffee from the place that is giving it free right now. .

and some hot crispy french fries for reward.

As we sat outside ..

I noticed that I could see the hotel we stayed on our wedding night .. .

the tall one with a round top. . .

Funny we should end up eating french fries here 32 years later.

All for now .. .


  1. Thirty two years of joys, blessings, sorrows and many lessons learned. I think it is so special that you have this break in the daily routines of life to celebrate the two of you. Coal Harbor looks like a place that we would love to visit. Of course you have a way of making every place look so inviting.

    Have fun!

  2. You two: just a couple of lovesick kids enjoying the sights in the city.

    32 years ago that was true. Now:

    Just a couple of lovesick grandparents enjoying the sights of the city. And you still look like a couple of kids at heart.

    The modern gift for the 32nd year is Conveyances. Will you be seeing how many ways you can be conveyed in Vancouver as a means of celebration?

  3. It was a gorgeous day for a walk! I was in Burnaby at a conference and snuck out at lunch time for a quick walk - but it was a far cry from Stanley Park! I hope today is a much fun as yesterday/

  4. You can keep on showing us Vancouver forever. It's such a beautiful city! You two know how to make your time together very special and I do think it's interesting that you found yourselves not far from that first hotel. Ohhh, so that's who is giving away free coffee...not springing for the stars on coffee this trip?

  5. glad you guys had a fun day. Coffee and french fries....I don't think I have ever had those together....but if it's free...why not! How fun that you could see your honeymoon retreat in the distance. You have me craving the Seawall walk or pedal ride. enjoy your day today too. Hugs Kathy (MGCC)

  6. Ha! that is great to see that hotel and that is so the architecture of that day :0)
    Looks like another beautiful day in the Northwest...enjoy

  7. A good day indeed..spent with a loved one and with a cup of coffee and fries can be most memorable.

  8. Sounds like you are enjoying your trip. That is a wonderful thing. I want to come to Canada so bad now after watching the Olympics. I love everything.

  9. cool...nice post there! Wow...32? Tis 30 for me this year...yep....Its amazing. I love your 'getting away' local! Good on you!

  10. I tried to comment on your Magnolia post but it looks like comments are turned off. You might have chosen to do that so don't mind me if that's the case. Beautiful photos...


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