Spring Break

No no no . .
I'm not taking a blogging break in search of the luscious feeling of warmth on my limbs.
I'm here.
I must say though. . .
I do have a bit of a inclination to bookmark the weather where my friends .. .
live ..
and go.
Sure. .and I admit I'm a bit of a weather nut.
I would think that you all would have your own weather .. .and the weather of a few of your favorite blogging friends from afar on your google page .. .
but perhaps you don't.
Yesterday I discovered that when I click on my own weather information. ..
it turns to a map. . .
and when I click on the little minus sign of the map. .
I can see the temperature at a glance near. .
and far.
The more minus I click . .the further I can see ..
how fun is that?
Sure. . and who wouldn't look to see how far south they would have to drive to see sunshine.
I did yesterday. . it was too far.
So . .for now. . I'll just enjoy a bit of 10 C. wet coast spring break outside. . .
and then I'll go inside where the temperature average 20 C.
Do this weather nut a favour.. .
tell me how warm it is where you are.
I'm not looking for locations . .unless you feel inclined to share ..
but just to know that there is warm sunshine somewhere. .
would make me smile.
All for now. .


  1. Just got off the night shift in South-Central Pennsylvania. It is foggy, cool 41 degrees, with rain. It's been raining here and flooding since Thursday. Dreary for sure. Snow is all gone though. Looking forward to some sunshine! Love seeing all your buds and blooms!

  2. At this moment in Kandern, Germany, it is 7 degrees and partly cloudy although the sun is trying hard!!! I say "at this moment" because this morning we had snow, sleet and rain - a typical Spring day! We are struggling this year to get to the warm stuff. Usually by now we have gloriously warm days..... I check your blog daily and really loved the Olympic stuff as we didn't get much of the real "Canadaian" Olympic experience here!

  3. Here in mid Canada..it's cloudy but we have been promised sun so we shall see!!

  4. I'm just outside of Atlanta and it was 43 this morning. We're anticipating the mid 50s by afternoon. It seems like it's been a long, cold (for us) winter here. Looking forward to Spring!

    (Love your Blog.)

  5. Here in High Point, NC...9:27 am and it is sunny and 48 degrees...to get up to around 61 by mid afternoon....
    We have 4 seasons, but not as brutal as in the North...I was born in Upper Michigan near Lake Superior near Canada....don't miss the cold or snow at all.....LOL
    And, I love your photos. Great way for me to see other parts of the world since I am unable to travel to most of the places I read about on blogs. Thank you!!!

  6. Well, you won't find it in the southern US - at least not in north Georgia! We are stuck at approx. 10 degrees (f) below normal, and today is the first time the sun has really shown since a week ago today. Right now we are at about 42f which is 6c, so you've got us beat! How did that happen?? :O)

  7. Here on sunny Prince Edward Island it's 2 degrees and going up to 6 this afternoon - and it feels so lovely and warm in the sunshine.

    (Warmth is so relative, don't you think? If it was summer I'd think it was so cold- but because it's March and I could be experiencing snow and wind but instead, sunshine - I think it's warm. I"m heading to town and I can guarantee you that I will see some people in shorts today!)

    PS - my wv is rants - are we on a weather rant?

  8. Here in Edm. we had a beautiful sunrise, lovely pink sky this morning, but then the sun disappeared behind the clouds. Dust on the roads and snow mold in the air! It's a little too chilly yet for a wonderful spring rain that cleans the air. It's now overcast and just at 0 degrees. Have a great day!

  9. Just a wee drive from you....I can't offer you anything promising this morning. My news channel says I may be able to walk in dry weather this afternoon. dry is good....warmth would be better. KATHY (MGCC)

  10. Well, we're right close to you, so enjoying the same weather - just nice enough so I could walk to work this morning, not quite nice enough to inspire working in the garden LOL Typical March weather!

  11. Hi there Canada. It is 3degrees at the moment and climbing to a sunny 22 today. I am in shock! We have had a lot of rain and this sun is welcome here in Northern CA.

    Kathy b

  12. I too am a weather nut! I have my weather along with family and friends' weather on my page. It is sunny here in California! Looks like we are going to have a sunny week (finally) with temperatures heading up into the 70's. Spring has sprung!

  13. Seconding for Edmonton. Almost always sunny here. Blue sky Alberta is not just a tourism slogan, it's true. Calgary tends to get more blustery cloud in spring because of the mountains, but in Edmonton, we're wearing sun block all year 'round. Even when it's minus 20, the sun she shines, the sky she is brilliant blue.


  14. It's warm in my house and I'm trying to stay warm...It's too cold for me.
    And yet, Oahu was cooler than normal...I only swam twice in the ocean....
    My daffodils are still growing...and so are the weeds.
    I trust your heart will be warmed by the friendship of your blog world today.

  15. How fun is this? You made me smile.
    .. and I think I hear a bird chirping...the rain has stopped.

  16. The sun is breaking through here in Western Washington as I hear the chirping of the trash truck coming down the street!

  17. SLC: Saturday was Snow day, Sunday was melt day, and today it is 60+F.(15 C)

    Come on down for a nice mix of weather!

  18. Southern Alberta, partly cloudy with a cool wind. We're expecting rain later this week, the farmers will love that.

  19. Today in N.C., it is partly sunny, and in the fifties.
    I found your blog via reading Vee's post on making pot holders. You did a wonderful job. I then spent a lot of time reading some of your previous posts, and I must say I was so blessed and just had a very enjoyable afternoon. I feel as though I was reading a letter from a friend.
    I started a second blog to post of my day to day life, mainly for our children to read but became very slack in writing, after finding and reading your blog I have now become motivated to post daily, I now see the importance of keeping this journal.

    I was so touched when I read of your mother keeping a journal, and how your family was so glad to have it.

    I will come and read more as I have been so blessed.


  20. Sunny skies here in Manitoba...finally after days and days of fog...very unusual for us here...we're used to the sunshine even when it's cold. Not sure where the mercury was sitting today, but it felt sooooo good!

  21. Calgary, Alberta here. Enjoyed a lovely 14 degrees today, and tomorrow is supposed to be 19. Ahh...only to drop back down to 9 on wednesday! Fooey. I miss the consistency of Winnipeg. :)

  22. Whatever the weather...it's always a good topic of conversation!

    I'm thinking it felt more like 'spring break' before I left on vacation.

  23. I know I'm late, but in Curitiba the day started partly cloudy, comfortable 18C in the morning, probably climbing up to 25C dunring the day. Summer is almost over... Actually this year we had a weird summer. Rainy December and January, increadibly hot February (from day 1 to 28), and March is cooling off, thank goodness. Still, we'll probably not have those chilly mornings I personally love before June or July.


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