mid march

I was so delighted to have weather updates from here and beyond.

I just love blogging.

I asked for a smile yesterday and every time a new comment came in .. .

I smiled. . .thank you dear ones.

The sun did manage to come out for a good part of our day and when I heard the summer sounds of the lawn mower outside my kitchen door .. .

I thought how sounds are much like smells ..

comfort to the soul.

I made some split pea soup and put some bread on to rise . . .

and my Monday was happy.

Tell me the truth ...

are you not just dying for rhubarb tart already?

I confess. . .I walk out to the rhubarb patch eagerly waiting for the stems to thicken and grow to an appropriate length.

I estimate another week maybe less if the sun comes out a few more days this week.

I'm out and about today . .

I have a personal shopping day with a few girl friends.

I'll be offering my humble opinion on "what not to wear".

A girl needs a girl to be honest in the change room. .

and I love my friends to feel as beautiful as they are.

A stop or two for coffee. . . a wee bite at lunch . .

and maybe . ..an opportunity for a future post.

All for now . . .


  1. Oh dear Lovella, wish my yard looked like yours. The grass is beginning to turn green a little but we have not had enough sun to do any good yet. Still raining again today. I guess we are getting March rain for April flowers, I hope. blessings

  2. I can't get over your weather! how nice. I've been wondering how your rhubarb was doing -- mine is poking up. I think it probably needs to be fertilized, just not sure exactly when and what. I'm hoping it will come back better than last year. I do see that we are to have low 60's for the rest of the week, so that will be nice for us all to get outside.

  3. Good Morning Lovella,
    I would love to hear the lawn mower going here but I guess I will have to wait a few weeks,
    Your day sounds fun. I must confess I have never tasted Rhubarb pie,but have always wanted to try it so maybe this year Is the year.
    Enjoy your day.

  4. Lovella, I just love visiting with you each morning! Somedays, however, it's just a quick peek and then I have to be off. Don't you love the Springtime? I'm so excited that our unusally cold days are behind us.

    I appreciate it so much that you dropped in to check on me. My blog is still on hiatus, although I've been mentally blogging and taking photos like crazy! We are doing well...very busy...and we'll be even better at the end of next week when I'm hugging a little redhead who'll be celebrating his first birthday! (Yes, there will be a post after we return!)

  5. What...it's almost rhubarb season? Yay! I may have to come borrow a few of your stems next week...seems mine didn't get your recommended fertilizer!

    Have a fun day with you friends in the 'little rooms'!

  6. Lovella..I can hardly wait for the smells of freshly cut grass, budding trees..ahh! And the rhubarb..I too go and check my rhubarb daily once I see it peeking through which of course isn't happening yet.
    And I just adore that purple flower..it says spring is here:)

  7. Rhubarb?! (Only if it's mixed with something else.) That is one Mennonite tradition I never really took to.

    Love your beautiful pansy photo, my favorite color, I plant them every year.

  8. Enjoy your day! I know you will.

  9. i can't wait to make rhubarb sauce for toast and strawberry rhubarb pie!

  10. Your yard looks terrific - we don't have any green yet although the doffocils, crocuses and tulips shoots are showing. But green in March would be very unusual for PEI. This year seems early and I'm happy about it. Less ice, warmer ocean temperatures, earlier swimming weather - yay! (Haven't you heard how you can tell a Canadian? they're the ones praying for global warming :)

  11. Living in NC you would think that yards would be lovely green by now, but not so..It has been a difficult winter here(colder and more snow than usual) Buds are on the trees and the daffodils are finally up and shining....Color is coming back to our yard, slowly, but coming just the same. Would love to have a beautiful yard like yours...ours is more woodsy...
    Love coming for visits to your wonderful site....
    Have a wonderful day in God's presence.
    Sandy in NC
    And all the recipes are great...

  12. Oh no....please don't get me thinking about rhubarb yet...I can't wait, but it's still buried under the snow (sigh)...learning patience here!

  13. Well it's wonderful to see your rhubarb...I have the best pie recipe and make it every spring...Now I know who's patch I can raid...
    You never know when I show up!
    Enjoy your shopping...That's too funny...I always shop alone.
    Somethings wrong with me....

  14. I froze some from last year.. rhubarb that is. I can't wait to toss it with some fresh strawberries soon!!

    with love,

    ps.. happen to have a pepper rhubarb jam recipe handy??

  15. Mmmm...love rhubarb! It's growing every day and soon I can make rhubarb platz, muffins, jam and anything else you might suggest:)
    Nicely done backyard!
    Great day you planned today - shopping, coffee, friends...how fun for you!

  16. Hi there, we don't know one another but I somehow stumbled accross your blog and feel inclined to share the fabulous weather I've been having. I live in Geneva, Switzerland and it appears that winter is indeed behind us! It won't be long before the trees are budding and flowers blooming. However I am hopeful to get one last day of snowboarding in in the Alps before spring.

    As for the rhubarb....hmmm, I'm not a huge fan, it's always been too bitter for my taste. I am a huge fan of lemon tarts however! Yumyum. Sarah


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