Yesterday's News

"So" . . . some of you have asked. . .

"how did this happen?"

You wonder. . ."did you call for an interview?"

Well. . this is how it happened. . .

Tuesday afternoon when I got home from my shopping trip with girlfriends, there was an email in my box waiting to be opened from a reporter asking if I would be available to be interviewed the next morning.

The week previous. . .the reporter had emailed me to see if an article about MGCC was at all something I would be interested in interviewing for. I had of course thought that would be fun. She said she'd get back to me after clearing it with her editor. I expected it could be days. ..weeks. . months. . or . .maybe never.

Wednesday morning at ten AM . ..the phone interview began.

With one hand I held the land line and with the other phone I held my cell phone hoping that my beloved would realize that help was needed in the bungalow and come rescue grandgirlie from my sudden lack of my attention to her sticker book.

The interview was a delightful conversation about the blog. . .

about the girlfriends that share it with me . .

and the Paska recipe that gave me the idea in the first place.

Soon after the interview was complete. . .

the call came to ask if a photographer might be able to pop in. . .

to take a picture or two.

Clearly ...she could not see me over the phone or she would have seen this "grammie" without makeup, wearing sweats and in need of a fresh shampoo.

"sure". . .I said. . phone in one hand. . .while balancing the blender out of the closet in the other hand.

I told grandgirlie that she was in charge of stirring the green pea soup on the stove for lunch while I pulled out the lemons and oranges for the paska.

She ran the blender. . . while I chopped the citrus. .

She added flour. . .while I cracked the eggs.

Together we got the paska on to rise and served the menfolk their lunch.

As soon as lunch was served . . .

I dismissed my wee sous chef for the day and I began to scrub and shine and bake.

The photographer came. . . .and I watched in fascination as the he took pictures of the Paska . . .properly.

I mentioned that I usually cook and snap and serve all within the same breath.

He told me stories of his food photography opportunities.

So that was then and this is today and . . .

now I feel a little like I'm standing here on my wee podium wanting to say thanks to those that made this day possible.

First of all. . .

to my brothers who ate my cream puffs and hard cookies when I was but a wee lass .. .

and through their constructive criticism made me press on to the goal. .

I say. . well done boys.

To my Mom. . .who gave me free reign in her kitchen from my earliest recollections. .

with never a tsk nor a sigh .. .

allowed me to hold that spoon in my hand. .

standing on a stool.

I thought of you so often yesterday mom. . .I love how you raised me.

To my beloved who told me to stay home as a young bride and raise little boys. . .

I say. . I'd do it over again in a heartbeat.

To the girls that are equal partners with me in this blog. . .

you share your treasured family recipes. . .

you take pictures that make our mouth water . . .

you strive for excellence . . .

you encourage me more than you will ever know . .

and. . .

you are women who model grace and show me everyday what it is to have a sister.

This blog reflects who you are and what it means to be a part of a team.

I could never do this without you .

Thank you for dreaming with me.

Thank you for being patient when I send you yet another new instruction.

Thank you for having a heart to serve others.

Together. . .

we will press on.

We will continue to be servants of Jesus . .

and we will . . .

feed his lambs.

All for now. . .


  1. Aww Lovella that is such a wonderful tribute and such an encouragement to me 'to keep on for Jesus'.
    I love that photo of you reading the have much to celebrate.

  2. Congratulations Lovella, to you and all of the lovely ladies who write at MGCC. It is one of my favorite blogs. And now your blog has become a favorite too.

    I so enjoyed reading of your adventure from yesterday.
    Allowing your granddaughter to help is one of the greatest gifts you can give her, years from now she will remember how important she was in helping her grandmother on this special day.
    Thanks for sharing a part of your day wirh us.

  3. You and your "sisters" have a gift of the written word and photography. I love your blogs and the recipes are fabulous.
    Thank you for being faithful to the Lord Jesus in feeding all of us in cyberspace...
    Sandy in NC

  4. That is so exciting!!!! Wish I could see the article now! And I really should try to make some paska one of these days. :)

  5. Well Lovella, wish I could have stopped by yesterday to congratulate you proper. Wowsa....what a cool thing to go into work and have everyone pointing to the Province saying...look is your famous friends you always talk about! Grin....and PAGE 10!!!! I loved it....well, you ALL at MGCC deserve the recognition for work well done! And the article was perfect....I agree....a church cookbook on line with wonderful table talk....Congrats!

  6. PS....why not put the article link on line on your blog for other's to link and read....I am sure they would enjoy it!

  7. Beautiful acceptance speech Lovella. I am so proud of you and the other girls. How nice for you all to be recognized in this way. We all so appreciate the work you have done & look forward to many new recipes to try! I can hardly wait for the day I watch you on Oprah! I can say.... that's my cousin!! Have an awesome day!

  8. Oh I really enjoyed your acceptance speech. What a fun thing to have happen!

  9. You have captured this whole event so well, Lovella. Yes, it's your podium and it's been so much fun sharing your experience and dreaming together.
    Yes, we want to feed His little sheep. That's what it's all about!

  10. Aww Lovella... loved your speech! I giggled to myself about the wee podium. It is amazing that 10 middle aged women ( a few more at first ... who got too busy and dropped off...)can work at something together . . . laughing, sharing, contemplating . . . praying ... all on-line. I still remember saying I don't even know how to turn on a computer . . . but how fun it is to grow and learn. But what I want to say is that amongst us is someone who has encouraged us to pray and there is nothing like prayer that binds people together. I've learned so much about grace and encouragement from all of you my on-line sisters. Thank you.

  11. It used to be said that a proper lady only had her name published in the news papers three times: at her birth, at her marriage, and at her death.

    I vote the rule be amended to include mention of her when her hard work makes her dreams come true and allows her gifts to serve others. The news papers need all the good news they can get!

  12. What? You're already yesterday's news?! What a lovely post, I so enjoyed reading your tributes to your mom, brothers, and husband. Way cool! And may it be that the Lord continues to use MGCC to His glory.

  13. My dearest friend...I am proud of you! You stand on your little podium and dance a wee bit. It is so fun being one of the MGCC. We have prayed that God would open a door for us to give to others in need....He is in the process of multipying our little others can be feed.
    Kathy (MGCC)

  14. You did us all proud, Lovella! It's been such a fun time being part of your team. We have seen so many good things come our way through MGCC...and I look forward to 'tomorrow' with you and all the gals.

  15. Yeah're famous. And yeah, I get to say 'I knew her when!'

    So happy for you...what fun!

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 6 1/2 adopted

  16. What an honor and privilege - how much fun was this!?! I'm not the cook in this house, but DH is, and he regularly checks out MGCC for ideas and recipes. Thanks for making it available to the rest of us.

  17. Congratulations and ditto to all the lovely comments from everyone else!

  18. You are one beautiful lady...inside and out. The tribute you wrote to all those who were instrumental in getting you to where you are, was so touching and sincerely written. I just could not help but think about how proud your mother would be of you and the woman that you have become. This was a really fun and interesting post. I am so happy for you and every single one of the "Mennonite Girls Who Can Cook". Hope you keep sharing those recipes.

  19. Congratulations and Thank you , Lovella ! were you trying to make us tear up ?
    Like everything else you do, you were successful!
    That photo of you reading the Province is lovely! smile...

    And I think I can top Anneliese's "I knew her when.. " I REALLY knew you when !! smile..

  20. Lovella, and all my MGCC sisters, where would we all be without Lovella having posted her paska recipe.
    Lovella you have been such an encouragement to us all, and I love your acceptance speech including the rest of us when truly your have had the vision behind this, and we are so happy to come along for the ride.
    May we always be an encouragement for all our readers, and glorify God in all we say and all that we do.

  21. Lovella, can you put a link into your blog that would take us straight to this article?

  22. Marilyn. . if you type my first and last name in the search engine of The Province online. . you'll find it no problem.


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