Wishin' him luck!

Who would have known there was that many wires in a truck?

I surely didn't.

When I saw the wires laid out. . .

and the map before him ..

and the creased furrow between his brows. .

I took my documentary pictures. . .

whispered . ."good luck" under my breath ..

and headed back to the bungalow to make Green Pea Soup.

(that is how a Mennonite Woman cooks for St. Patricks Day)

Wishing you a Happy St. Patricks Day. .

All for now. .


  1. hee hee.....about the pea soup...and yikes about the wires...not me/no way!

  2. I too am wishin' Terry good luck with the wires..bet he is wishin' he was finished with that job!
    Pea soup qualifies..it's green.
    Have a nice day:)

  3. Happy St. Patrick's day to all of you as well!

    Did you offer to lend T. your crochet hook for use with the wires?

  4. Yikes...I'd rather cook soup anytime! But I'm thinking green bean soup is more what this Mennonite gal is accustomed to.

  5. Yep those wires would confuse me to no end. I'd walk away and do something that was guaranteed to be done in an hours time. That's about my patience limit :0)
    Have a great St. Patrick's Day!

  6. Oh dear....you best keep him happy today... and probably today would not be a good day to present him with a 'honey -to -do - list.' Sounds like we both have soup going....trust you to think of something green. i will have to add some green vegetables to mine. Kathy (MGCC)

  7. It would take more than the luck of the Irish to help me sort out all those wires - it would have to be a miracle. But I'm sure Terri will handle it like a pro.

    Enjoy your soup!

  8. I never have had an inkling about all those wires...All I know is that he has said..."The male end...I had not clue what that was for a long time..." I'm glad they have that all sorted out.

  9. My, oh My ... we know those wires are importandt and have to do something in the end. All I know is that my mess under the computer gets to me. Maybe someday everything will be wireless... except antique cars...

  10. I make green jello for St. Patrick's day dessert. You had the same response I have when I see my hubby with a wiring diagram and harness. I would have said good luck, call me if you need help and gone back in.

  11. I love Thoughts idea about the crochet hook. Man who would have thought it.

  12. And I'm sure that many prayers were said on his behalf through the day. How's it going?


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