magnolia's and then some

The magnolia's are blooming everywhere now.

I was tempted to take pictures of the people taking pictures of the magnolias.

Everywhere in Vancouver eyes were lifted to the trees above that are heavy with pink blooms.

As I crossed streets. . .

I looked down the street to see the blossom lined streets.

I've felt the lack of the Olympics along with my fellow Canadians.

The city was once again quiet with the muted colors of jackets, coats and sweaters that are more typical of Canadian attire.

There was no singing of O Canada in the streets ...

and chatting with people as we strolled seemed once again a bit of a stretch.

I met no one that was happy with the change.

As I chatted with sales people and waiters .. .

I knew that the city was surely suffering from post Olympic doldrums.

I saw one partly famous person .. at least in our parts. .

but not famous enough to remember to post our picture op ..

maybe I'll remember tomorrow.

It made me think again . . .

that life is wonderful and easy on the top of the mountain ...

but it is who we are when the party is over. .

when life is a daily routine. . .

when we are at home alone. .

that where our heart is ..

matters most.

All for now . .


  1. Talk about an after event let down...I've experienced them but can't imagine what Vancouver is feeling. I am loving how Spring erupts in different parts of the world all the time...helps while I wait two more months. I'm remembering the smell of my parents Magnolia tree...hmmmm.

  2. With the amazingly early spring we've had, there have been cherries and magnolias blooming here since mid-February. That pink against the blue sky does something to me!
    PS I went back to your mosaic tutorial and finally managed to figure out how to so one - actually after looking at many tutuorials I said to myself "Lovella has a 'tutorial' link on her blog....." Thank you!

  3. It's time for a vacation. ;>

    I am not surprised that folks find themselves feeling a little sad. It was a very big deal. You've used the experience to remind us that life can not go on living on the mountaintop all the time. Life really is more about the valleys as these mortal bodies of ours just couldn't handle perpetual mountaintop experiences. As one of my friends likes to say, "If we knew the whole love of God, it would kill us."

  4. Absolutely love those blooming trees! Wish I could just leave and come for a visit where there is already spring! Mountain top experiences are wonderful, but it's in the valleys we grow!

  5. I also feel like I've come down from a mountain top experience, but I've had to tell myself that if all of life wre a mountain top, it would not be a mountain top. Your weekend sounds relaxing and the photosa are beautiful. So good to celebrate those important milestones.

  6. (...) actually after looking at many tutuorials I said to myself "Lovella has a 'tutorial' link on her blog...)

    Where where? I've been looking for it.


  7. tutorials are under the section called labels. Scroll down to the bottom and you'll find it.

  8. I'm agog at the magnolia displays everywhere. They are blooming much earlier than usual, or are they just bursting out with pride too?

    We have a few around here who still are flapping the Maple leaf flag, wearing Canadian hockey jerseys and belting out "Oh Canada" through out the day.

    I'll try to round them up and inform them that they need to fly back home. Honestly, if we though Canada geese were insufferable before, we certainly had another think coming.

  9. True...we can't always live on the mountain top. Sadly some people feel that they must always be having the mountain top experience. Real life happens most often on the plain....and it can be real good! it's what we make of it. Looks like you had another wonderful time in the city. I'm also loving the blossoms. Did I hear we may see snow? Kathy (MGCC)

  10. The magnolias are so beautiful! We do not have them growing in our town. I am having trouble dealing with the lack of the Olympics on the television, so I can imagine how difficult it would be for all of you. But, as always you have another well written and quite profound post.

  11. I think your skies have been bluer than ours lately. Gorgeous pink...I like your new header too.


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