1959 #2

Did you give pause for thought of Earth Day last Saturday?
I confess. .
I didn't.
We noted in the bungalow that the media reminded us to turn our lights off after the fact and more was made of how our province digressed from the previous year's drill than the effort to give us the heads up the morning of.

I wasn't overly concerned though.
I had just read recently in my "new" 1959 Life Magazine that using electricity is all the rage.
To think ..
that in my lifetime we've been convinced to buy every electic appliance possible . .
and now we are being subjected to tut tuts of over using our supply.
I paid careful attention to the short little article touting it's natural goodness . .
and promptly went to throw in a load of wash as I started the mixer and ran the blender full of citrus goodness.
The oven baked merrily along in the afternoon . .
with the scent of Paska filling the bungalow . .
and to top it off . .
I tucked a few loaves in my electric freezer.

Those advertisements on the month of my birth must have become deep seeded in the recess of my brain . .for try as I might . .
I just can't stop the small indulgences in my kitchen.

Today. . I need to run my electric sewing machine in to have its computer recalibrated as it seems. ..it's forgotten how to make a button hole.

I'm not prepared to hand sew button holes . .
not yet.

All for now . .