building nests

The last few weeks we've been cleaning up small branches every few days from our lawn.

The crows are busy these days breaking branches from our trees. .

to build their nests.

We often wonder ..

why they don't take the branches from the ground.

Do they break one off. . .

test it for agility and dexterity and if it fails to meet their nesting standard. .

it gets dropped?

Judy over at MyFront Porch has been posting these sweet little nests and I was reminded again this year by Kathy one of our MGCC that it was time to make these sweet treats.

Yesterday was a Grammie day here and in the morning

grand girlie and I did the crow work of building the nests. .

and waited for her Daddy to come to do the fun part.

Those touch of cocoa rice crisps have come in handy a few times already. .

and that bit of green grass to make a soft place for eggs is always a good idea.

There are two nests tucked in the refrigerator waiting for the lil' farm hand and Kanneloni Macaroni.

Hopefully. . .

there will still be some of those mini eggs and peeps left when they get here.

All for now . .


  1. Another one of your great artistic ideas. You seemed to be blessed with an abundant amount of fun ideas. What do you use for the eggs? I would love to try this with two of my grandchildren. So cute!

  2. Oh the memories! Fun things to make when the kids are still young!

  3. So cute. I might have to build me a nest! :0)

  4. I'm going to have to borrow some grandkids to make these with. Too cute!

  5. Adorable idea. Just the perfect thing to give to sweet little grands.

    On the other hand, your grandson might REALLY enjoy blowing up the Peep in the microwave. It's a guy thing; the kind of thing that boys do and fall on the floor laughing about again and again.

    I confess: It just isn't spring time around here until we've blown up a few Peeps just for old time sake.

  6. What a fun little Easter activity - are the instructions on MGCC?

  7. You took these to another level, Lovella...they look most special. I like the idea of two little peeps sharing a nest! My youngest granddaughter is soming today...and we're building nests over here as well.

  8. I have a couple of "adopted grandboys" and I think they would love to make these :)

  9. blowing up peeps - that's a new one. It sounds like something my boys would have loved. I'm not sure I want to let them know about it :)

  10. Oh, where are my grands when I need them? I think I'll have to get the eggs and chicks and keep them to celebrate Easter even when it's not Easter. These are really cute, Lovella ... Judy.

  11. Where did the polka dots go? Or am I losing it here?

    (Re: the sticks and twigs-what self respecting girl bird would accept a twig that was rejected by another girl bird and dropped on the ground. If only more human girls would be so self respecting!0

  12. Oh my goodness! Those are the cutest things ever!
    What a very fun grammie thing to do. :)

  13. Such a fun activity --- very cute! A precious way to spend time together.


  14. Such fun for the whole family. I like the more rustic look you got with the chocolate krispies. Glad you have joined in the fun with PEEPS. The other two are going to love the surprise! Kathy (MGCC)

  15. I snuck out early in the morning to check out what needed to be done..and forgot to comment.
    I had so much fun doing the same activity with my little boys.
    It's a cute idea...but we ran out Peeps, Peeps, because they landed in their mouths.


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