getting around

Kanneloni Macaroni came over yesterday for her Easter frock fitting.

She crawled around the bungalow investigating what might be interesting.

She was in chipper mood since she popped out a top tooth in the morning.

Everywhere she goes .. .

she likes to see it from the perspective of a little height . . .

so once she crawls to her destination . .

she stands.

At eight and a half months ...

she waves . . .

and giggles . .

and occasionally calls the lil' farm hand for a bit of a lift.

I love the innocence . . .

this is one time in a girls life ..

that she can let a boy carry her ..

and not worry she might be a might to heavy for his muscles.

All for now . .


  1. SO adorable!!! I can't believe she is 8 1/2 months already! I just love the outfit, and the picture of the two of them together.

  2. What a pair of cuties!

    Pssst...I'll be playing with my little one tomorrow afternoon! ;)

  3. Oh Lovella..what dear and beautiful grands! The lil farmhand looks like his grampa!

  4. Is there anything more delicious than a big, gummy, baby smile? in my books! I'm missing my two, but skyping a couple of times a week helps.

  5. Too sweet! Did she mind the 'frock fitting process'?

  6. So sweet! Boy does time fly when you are around little ones!!

  7. Too cute...The time flies by so fast.
    They are hardly babies..but that frock sure is cute on her...

  8. KM has a great flair for fashion! She is so cute in her modern look togs and head band. Rock on KM!

  9. These pictures could not be any cuter! Just love seeing your little ones. Can't believe KM is 8 1/2 months old already. They both wold make a grandma proud.

    Your new blog look is unique, creatively done and so colorful. What fun!

  10. Lovella, you have two adorable grandchildren. I know they bring you much joy.

    I really love your new blog design, what a beautiful job you have done. So refreshing.

  11. Cute change up on your've been busy in other places too:) Very nice! Loved seeing your little ones having fun together. Kathy

  12. Lovella, you new blog design and colors say SPRING IS HERE in all its beauty! And pictures of your grands just add to the feeling of so much to be thankful for.


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