the brooch that found a dress

I have an assortment of my mom's brooches that I've never worn but I would never give away nor sell either.

It is enough for me to remember the times my Dad gave her a brooch or took us to town to buy her a brooch. This one has intrigued me over the years. It doesn't seem at all like something she would have selected herself.

Her style was rings of tiny pearls and shiny semi precious stones.

A month ago I was shopping with Kathy on the sale rack at Macy's.

We tried on everything we thought we'd like. .

and everything each other thought we should like.

This $19 tax included dress came home with me.

As soon as I tried it on. .

the brooch came to mind.

I took a picture the next day to email Kathy to get a girl friends approval.

Being the kind of girl she is ...

she gave me sweet affirmation and I wore it to the wedding a few weekends ago.

Two things here ...

My mom would have never worn a zebra print dress ..

or would she have?

I may have been surprised to learn that I didn't know everything about my mother.

Mom's can be like that you know. .

a little mystery left undisclosed is a good thing.

The second thing. . .

everyone needs a girlfriend to be honest in the change room.

I'm glad I have mine.

All for now. . .


  1. When you find a dress that looks good on you as the one you have on, and when the price tag is 19.00, and then to top it off with a sentimental and dear to you piece of feels like a jackpot day. Your mother must have been a special lady. It would bless her knowing you wore her brooch.

  2. Perfect!
    Mu mum has, over the past few years, begun to give her daughters bits and pieces of her jewellry. It is lovely to see her smile when she recognizes a bit of sparkle on my jacket and then she reminices about when my dad bought her whatever I'm wearing.

  3. I love the little orchid brooch! It adds an elegant touch to your pretty dress.

    How nice that you have such nice mementos and memories from your mother...and, yes, every woman needs to maintain a little mystery about her.

  4. It really is the perfect dress for the brooch and it's the perfect dress for you. Someday, you'll get to ask your mom a few questions... I'm sure that it would please her to know that you wore her brooch so well.(My mom is right here and I'd like to ask her a few. Wonder if I could/should...)

  5. What a lovely brooch - it looks very modern, and the dress looks stunning on you. I love to wear the bits of jewellry I have that used to belong to my mother. Note to Vee - ask your mother the questions now, while she is alive. Often there are things I wish I could ask mine - now I'll have to wait till Heaven. Dairymary

  6. that dress - and the brooch is perfect.

    I wish that I had kept some of my mom's - she had quite a few. But I wasn't "into" them 18 years ago. Probably my sister has them because I know we didn't get rid of them.

    I remember my mom totally surprising me when she stated that she'd like to collect antique model cars. I was flabbergasted. I wouldn't have guessed it in a million years :)

  7. You look very classy in your new $19 dress. A great buy! That brooch is beautiful. But where's the hat? I know you wore one!

  8. It was a fun shopping trip....and we both came home with a deal. The brooch was perfect for the dress....and I love the dress on you! I have been wearing one of my Mom's this winter on a sweater. It was one of the ones she wore the most. Nothing fancy...I just kind of get sentimental when I pin it on to hold the flap on the sweater in place.
    Funny...thinking what our Mom's may have worn. I remember my sister and I loved the mini mini's. My Dad called them a wide belt and I'm sure cringed each time we wore them. One day my Mom in her frustration over the short skirts came out of her room with hers rolled over at the top to shock us all. We promptly told her she needed to change. She was a tease and just wanted to get a rise out of us...I can still her her laughing that day and then saying..."don't you think I have the legs for it?" Such a fun memory....I'm sure you have some memories like that too. I think our Mom's had spunk in them! Kathy

  9. Very exotic! I love the lily brooch on the zebra print.

  10. Wild woman!:) Love me some shopping with an honest friend or sister! LOVE your new header ofspring, gorgeous!!!!

  11. Wow - How does one whistle on here? Looks very nice and Yes - I think I remember that pin or it could be that my mom had the same one or something similar.
    Beautiful !!

  12. What a great dress!! And the brooch looks fantastic! I have a brooch from my grandma that I would love to find a dress for! Perhaps I shall be on the lookout!

  13. Look at you all stylish in your zebra print! I hope no animals were harmed in the making of that dress. *wink*
    You are a cool grammie.

  14. And all the zebras in Canada stood a little taller, a little prouder knowing Lovella was rocking their look at the wedding.

    (The leopards remained very straight faced when asked about the undergarments...they are good at keeping secrets you know)

  15. The dress and the brooch are perfect!

  16. You look so pretty in that dress and the brooch is lovely. I have tears in my eyes as I'm typing this. My mother wore brooches, and she died when I was still quite young. Your post made me remember - and miss - her again.

  17. The brooch from your mom is beautiful and goes perectly with your dress! You look very chic! So fun to have occasions to dress up like that!


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