It 's a good thing that life is more than work.

On Saturday afternoon there was a game of follow the leader.

There was lots of smiles ..

and some intended crashes . .

and some smiles about the crashes.

We learned that when you take a corner sharp . .

you should say "urrrrrrrch".

The more corners you can take the better. . .

becuase you can say "urrrrrrch" often.

I still have the job of underducks with the baby swing.

He doesn't know it is a baby swing.

I've been watching the limb to see if it can bear the load.

So far .. .so good.

I think. . . grammie and the grands are going to have to take grandpa shopping. .


It was a nice day on a Saturday afternoon in March.

The kind of day that needs to be documented . . .

for the rainy days of April.

All for now . . .


  1. Oh, your place is so beautifully green! How lovely!

  2. Fun times. Saturday afternoon was so great. We barbecued after a afternoon of yard work. I'm keeping my eye on the basement this week with all the rain that's in the forecast. Have a wonderful week Lovella...

  3. I have a feeling that one of those nifty little bikes will be heading for Kingston one of these days.
    What a grand way to spend a sunny afternoon.

  4. Is that gramps doing a "pop-'o-wheelie"! Better keep an eye on him!
    Had a beautiful day here too....enjoyed a long sunny walk :)

  5. What a wonderful way to enjoy the weather - we had an indoor activity so missed it!! Love the new template, so much easier to read.

  6. I always find that driving around
    corners is a lot more fun if I say
    "urrrrrrrch" as I go.

    I thought everybody did that, and said "eeehhhkk" when braking too.

  7. I had to go back and check... yes, he IS doing a wheelie! Good thing they are wearing helmets. =)

  8. oh shoot! I want to see the "pop o wheelie" but Firefox is not behaving. No pictures - no banner. The lovely new green background is there though.

  9. I always tell you that I love watching you with your grands...Even those swings and those underducks..live in their hearts for ever.
    I love the URCCCCh! I can visualize that very well.

  10. Back to see the pictures...it's looking so like spring in here in more ways than one. The last time I buzzed through, I looked to the right...big mistake. Now the Blueberry Crumble Buns recipe has been copied by me and read by someone else...you know what that means!

  11. Boys and their bikes...a perfect spring pre-occupation! I'm wondering about the shopping trip...and what it is that Grandpa is in need of. I have my guesses.

  12. I updated Firefox and now I can see your pictures and banner. Lovely new template - very springy! And great shots of the bikers - they're having great fun!

    I have an idea of what the new purchase might be - but I'll save my guess. If it's what I think it is, you'll have some happy grands!

  13. Oh, the memories you are both making for these little grands. You are acting like young grandparents:) I wonder if the little guy is practicing the moves of the older one, when he is at home on his driveway?

    I am surprised at how green your grass is. That isn't the case here.

  14. looks like a wonderful way to spend a saturday! :)


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