ready. . .set. . .

Is it just me or does a part of every project we love to tackle also have an element of "glad to get it done"? As I mentioned several weeks ago . . I purchased fabric for the grandgirlies to make them each a fresh summery cotton dress.

I washed the cotton . . .

I dried the cotton .. .

I ironed the cotton . . .

I folded it on the proper grain . .

and then it sat.

Since I was using one pattern to make two dresses . .

the pattern needed to be traced for the second dress for many of the pieces . . .

and every time I began the task ...

something more tantalizing beckoned me to come hither . .

and so . . .it sat.

Yesterday however . . .

"I did it" . ..(funny how the phrases from the wee ones bring a smile to my face)

and the patterns were pinned onto the fabric . .

and I cut them out.

Sure. . .

and I could have done it quickly. . making it all out of the same fabric . .

but when they go into Sunday School .. .

and their teachers flip the hem to see if it is homemade . . . (as my mom always did with her two year old sunday school class and would find it so endearing that someone had sewn the little dresses)

they'll be treated to coordinating fabric.

The edges are neatly serged . . .

and now I can truly . .


All for now . . .


  1. I confess that tracing another size so I can use the same pattern always slows me down as well. So now I wait until the patterns are on special for 99 cents and I buy two. I figure my time is worth the small price and I can move on to the fun part (sewing) faster. The patterns get passed onto others when my wee ones outgrow them so they are not being wasted.

  2. Oh I am glad that you "did it." And I hope that we get to see the results because those little matching dresses are going to be sweet. I love the syntax that children use when learning language, too. (My grandson just told me, "That lady in blue. She did hurt me." That lady in blue? The nurse with the shot.)

  3. What fortunate little grandgirlies you have! A talented and skilled grandma that sews them gorgeous, and perfectly done dresses. Oh, please do share the finished dresses with us. I want you to know I would not think to turn up the hem if I was their Sunday school teacher...I was be too fascinated with the dresses themselves:)

  4. Beautiful fabric! They'll look darling in their new dresses!

  5. How sweet it will be to see the girlies in these dresses. Fun fabric!

  6. OH that fabric!!! I'm in love with it! Could you please trace just one more a size that would work on me? (Don't tell the environmentalist, I'm sure they would object to you killing a whole tree just to get enough paper for that project!)

    Maybe I would settle for the fabric made into a a hat. Yeah...that'll work.
    Lusting after your serger here as it snows. It would be just the day to do some serge sewing.

  7. I don't know why, but this post brings a tear to my eye. Perhaps because my days of dressing my two little girls in matching outfits are over? Perhaps it's just hearing about the Sunday school teacher turning up the hem? Such a great post!!

  8. What fun! I hope you'll post photos of those two little dresses when they're finished.
    I've been buying dinosaur shirts for two little grandsons, and looking forward to seeing them in May..........not too long now!

  9. Spring sister and I wore hand made dresses for every season. I still love to look at the photos of us feeling so pretty, and seeing the love that our mom put into them. Your grandgirlies will look so sweet....will there be a fashion show?

  10. I'm smiling at the thought of a SS teacher flipping over the hem. It would not likely occur to any of them that a dress could be handmade!

    When you are all done...we will see the dresses modeled...right? Oh...and if you want the 'bubble dress' pattern for your next project...I'll trade you for the 'party dress'. Love those patterns!

  11. Had to smile about your mom ... but sometimes one can fool people. I once had a lady at church ask me for my girls dress patterns ... she was sure I had sewn their dresses... and I just looked like the kind that would do that, I guess.

  12. Will you be my grammie?? :)

    Sweet colours!

    My poor little granddaughters (to be) will have to look to their other grandmother for hand-sewn dresses. Or maybe I can put in an early order? :)

    Happy sewing!

  13. You put your whole heart into your project. I don't think what project we tackle, it's the heart that gives you the energy to continue...
    I hope those mothers' keep those little someday, somewhere, someone will want to be reminded of what their Grandmother made for them..
    When I see heart, I'm tickled pink!

  14. I'll just wait for those cute little dresses to be finished. I would never have thought of flipping the hem:) I do not sew, at least not dresses.
    The fabric is so cute!

  15. Ah yes, like my baby sewing pile. :) It will happen one of these days... I did get the quilt quilted and now just need to put on the binding and sew on the ribbon. I've sewn half the burp clothes and that leaves the diaper bag to tackle as well. Oh, but the TAXES are calling out loud and clear -- UGH! :) Can't wait to see the finished dresses.

  16. I love that fabric. . . .it looks exactly like some Basic Grey scrapbook paper we have at the store. They do make fabric as well. This brings back memories of the dresses I have made in the past. I'm hoping to do more in the future :)
    I look forward to seeing the finished dresses.
    Have a great day!
    Debbie M

  17. When a garment is cut out, it is half done! Don't you love your serger ??
    I know we'll see the finished dresses, right??


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