perfect morning coffee

I was still thinking yesterday about our early Sunday morning walk in Vancouver in search of the perfect place to have a wonderful coffee and something that tastes home baked.

The morning was beautiful .. .

and so we walked.

We walked north on Burrard towards the water.

Once you get to the harbour. .

turn left towards Coal Harbour . . .

follow the sea wall ..

and when you see this restaurant. . .

go inside.

You will be treated to an amazing case of muffins, scones, sweet rolls and the fragrance of fresh ground coffee.

We relaxed there for an hour or so .. .

and then . . .

we walked back. .

always looking back from where we had come . .

reflecting on the blessings of an early morning walk.

It wasn't just the food. .

nor the sunshine. .

nor the setting ..

nor the company. .

nor the peace in my heart ..

it was the combination of all those things . .

that made me thank the Lord . .

yet again.

All for now . .


  1. Lovella;

    Glad you were blessed. Looks like a lovely place to pass the time with your honey.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 6 1/2 adopted

  2. A lovely walk and thoughts - thanks for taking us along.

    (I'll keep that little cafe in mind if ever I get to Vancouver)

  3. What a lovely morning and lovely expression...

    I've got to start a travel journal and take notes like "When I go to Vancouver, here's where to go"

  4. Sometimes I wonder if you're just living the good life or if you've decided to live a good life. Know what I mean? Your attitude is so relaxed and carefree...refreshing and joyful.

    I'm struck by the beautiful architecture and the reflections of same...all perfectly planned, of course. Sometimes we just need to plan a thing to have it come out beautifully. Even God planned! Wonder if He still does...

  5. Joys, blessings and shared that beautifully in this post.Continually I am made to realize it is the little things that are now becoming the big things in our lives. Wishing I could visit that coffee shop right now. What a nice compliment you gave to them. I am always thankful to find a good coffee shop.

  6. Love your photos and your joyful post! What a blessing to read it!

  7. After my niece studied in Vancouver last year, my daughter visited last fall and the Olympics... Vancouver is starting to look like a beautiful vacation spot! I'll have to keep track of these great Vancouver posts!
    *a weekend of blessings*


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