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There is something rather wonderful about the proximity of our spot on the map.
Travelling about 25 miles west we reach the ocean and if we cross the border to the south..
we find ourselves at the lovely resort of Semiahmoo.

We are not trained counsellors nor are we on staff at our church but we are privileged to be involved in a ministry that both stretches us and enriches us...
while we serve.

Mentoring engaged couples was not something we ever expected to take on.
The criteria of course is to be in a satisfying and happy marriage and on top of that...
the criteria is that we are to be married ...
a long time.

We are...
on all counts.

We appreciate the opportunity to take time away to refresh and learn some Biblical truths on how God designed marriage.

We came home Sunday afternoon with happy hearts.
We laughed... ate together with other couples.... had a picnic for two....visited ...
enjoyed the sunshine...
sat in the hot tub....walked on the beach...sat and read...
talked alone...talked in groups...
slept ...played games...
planned future sessions... sat in seminars...
sat in video sessions...
read God's word...
and prayed.

It was good.

To have such perfect weather on the weekend only made our time more enjoyable.

One of the most amazing blessings of being involved in this ministry is that we have met other couples who have incredible passion to see marriages succeed.

One of the pieces of advice we always give to the couples we mentor is that they should surround themselves with healthy marriages.
We know first hand how enriching that is to our own marriage.

We are not above accountability.
Knowing that our marriage is open to scrutiny is healthy.

 We've done our best to help engaged couples plan for their marriage with sound principles.

In return...
our marriage grows.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to serve.


  1. Such a wonderful assignment and beautiful place!

  2. Beautiful words and what important work you are doing.


  3. An important ministry.....blessings to you both as you serve in this wonderful way!

  4. Your church is so wise to invest in future marriages in this way! A great model of service for sure. Glad your time was good and sunny!!

  5. You can see your passion for marriage...What a blessing to be involved in so many lives. Marriage Mentoring is one of the timeless gifts we can give to younger people, helping them continue to reach forward and what wonderful models you have both been.

  6. It is wonderful that you give of yourselves in this way...it must put your marriage in the open for others to see, good and not good. I like your advice about surrounding yourselves in healthy marriages! Dairymary

  7. Having witnessed the far reaching sad effects of marriages that fail, I am so thankful that there are couples like you who work at this ... before it's too late. We attended a wedding yesterday...a beautiful expression of two lives promising their love forever .... and in my heart, I prayed ... may their love just grow... it's so worth it to invest in your marriage!
    Your pictures describe your "seminar" retreat beautifully.

  8. It makes perfect sense...that all those couples who give of themselves to mentor those contemplating marriage should themselves have an opportunity to be refreshed and renewed on occasion. And there's no better time and place than on a sunny weekend at the ocean shore!

  9. What a fabulous weekend! Inside and out!

  10. I just love the fact that your church promotes this kind of ministry!!! I wish my sister and her fiance (and everyone else I know getting married) had a mentoring couple and not just a few sessions of standard premarital counseling. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. Maybe when Michael and I are older we can do this......

  11. You are so right--one of the best ways to help your marriage succeed is to surround yourself with successful marriages (and watch and learn).

  12. I'm so glad there are godly people like you and Terry mentoring our young people. How much better to have good counsel from those who have been married a long time than to marry thinking that love will be enough.
    Your photos are fabulous Lovella, it's a beautiful spot and you captured it so well.

  13. What a desperately needed ministry in today's world. This is a great concept and you sure did share some wise advice. Older couples guiding younger couples, while all looking to the Ultimate God of Love, who created it all. The pictures are beautiful!


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