Ready for Sunday School

I can count the number of times that I have dressed little girls for church.
It's a bit of a novelty.

Before strapping them into seats...
I directed them to stand still for a photo.
They tried...oh they tried.

It reminded me of all the times I tried to take photos of our own two when they were little.
Little children..
still giggle and wiggle...and expect the camera to keep up.

Back then...
it seemed important to get a perfect shot...
for my memory.

it is important to capture a memory for them.

all for now..


  1. If they aren't the cutest two dressed up for church and looking very happy about it all, too.

    Well, Lovella, according to my blogroll, it's just the two of us so far this morning. Guess that I am off to have my morning cup of coffee with John. He'll love that. No. He won't. He is a "let me read my morning paper in peace thank you very much." Oh I know, I could go to my sewing room and fiddle around with snack mats.

    Hope that you have a great morning and I also hope that it hasn't started yet.

  2. They are so cute! I love their sweet outfits too!

    What a good Grammie you are!


  3. So true, it's the memory we make for them that's important! Nana's are the memory makers!

  4. I agree with Joy, Nana's are the memory makers. Most all my memories include at least one Nana, and sometimes two.

  5. Very sweet picture! And all the better because they never stood stock still.

    Remember the song we used to sing (way back when)..."I love to go to Sunday School, I love to praise the Lord..."? I think they are singing it.

  6. Good point about forgoing the stand still in favor of natural animation. Back in the dark ages (when we had wiggly children of our own). we commanded them to stand still because otherwise all the photo would show was a windswept looking blur.

    Aren't our modern cameras awesome? Have you seen the newest camera feature that shoots 4 seconds of video with each still shot as a setting option? Then stitches each days photo videos together as a film clip.

    Another year or two and the shots will be 3d, and we will be able to film a hug and feel it again years later.

  7. Oh how this photo makes me smile. I'm sure it will make them smile years from now. So sweet and dapper the two!

  8. Dressed up for church! I love it! And their wiggles and giggles are the best part.

  9. Those two are WAY too cute!!!!! And Baby OH is getting so big -- can't believe it!!! My peonies are blooming well this year! I think of you for some reason when I look at them. It's only taken 4 years for me to get about a dozen blooms out of the row. I hope that they just keep growing. I need to take some pictures. Most of my energy has been focused on the vegetable garden, when I get a chance. Must devote some time to the flower beds.

  10. So glad you are getting your turn at dressing up all those little girls.....and the little farm hand is very handsome!

  11. And now it's just that we can savor the memories of those little ones. So cute! Don't we all remember going to Sunday School..picture perfect.

  12. Such cutie pies! Oh yes - dressing little ones is such fun - and little girls are "extra" fun with their curls and bows and little dresses. I'm having such fun with my new grandgirlie!

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  14. Such sweet little grandchildren you have, Lovella! I hope one day in the future I'll be able to dress a grand daughter.


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