the sun dog

On Sunday while we were eating on the patio at Semiahmoo Resort...
we noticed a Sundog in the sky.

We hadn't seen one in so long that it was a novelty to try to observe it through the shield of our hands.
I used the camera for a shield...
more than my hand.

My head also made a fairly large shield.
Fun photography.

We went for a walk down the beach in the afternoon.
Everyone from our group had left but us.
We were unwilling for it all to end on such a beautiful day.

Later on we made a quick stop at the local big box store on our way home...
and caught up with a few of the couples.

At the border...
they were interested to know what we had been up to all weekend.
We said what we had been doing...
and he wanted to know more.
What church sends couples away on marriage retreats?

Ours does.

all for now...


  1. Awesome! Beautiful photos of the sundog and the beach and you! It sounds like your weekend was a great experience. The resort sure is a lovely place to hold it. Blessings, Pamela

  2. Love those extra questions at the border! Glad you had such a beautiful weekend in the sun!

  3. Lovely! Especially St. Lovella with halo take during a church retreat!

    Interesting to learn that 22 degree halos are called sun dogs in Canada; the US calls a different configuation a sun dog! Viva la difference!

    1. Jill, I might have it wrong. I grew up calling these sun dogs but maybe they never were. I just like them!

  4. Where have I been all my life??? I've never seen or even heard of a sun dog. Thanks for the enlightenment!

  5. I'm with Ellen! Oh, and I'm also glad I'm not the first to find out what a sun dog is. What a strange name for a halo.
    Glad you had a weekend of learning that will inspire you as you teach and encourage others.

  6. I too had no idea what a sun dog was! Live and learn...continuing education. You got great photos of the sun halo.

    How nice that the customs officer was interested in your commitment to furthering healthy marriages!

  7. It's always so encouraging to see a church support and proactively encourage healthy marriages, which in turn makes strong families. So important is a strong family unit to our civilization that the current President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame (who brought in the new government to end the genocide) recently said at a Christian Life Assembly in Africa, "strong, cohesive and healthy families form the basis on which the foundation of a strong nation is built, because families form the smallest but most effective unit of administration of a nation." So true. And by the way...considering the 3rd photo, do I address you as St. Lovella now, the patron saint of good cooking and good marriage? Luuuuuuv it!

  8. I've heard of a sundog...probably from Jill! I have never seen one, though, so thanks for the great photography. You two make such a cute couple...I'm glad that you have hearts for teaching others. Those crossing guards ask the strangest questions! ☺

  9. Around the US a halo is a full circle around the sun (or moon), while a "dog" is kind of like a chunk or bit of wispy color striped bit that appears anywhere around the sun, but usually at the 4 o'clock or 7 o'clock puppies sitting by their master's knees. Probably both halos and sundogs have other poetic names in various regions. I mostly think they should just be called beautiful!

  10. I've never seen nor heard of a sun dog before, Lovella! What an amazing sight! I also love your shells of the beach photo. I can resist collecting pretty shells when I see them. I put them around my plants in the garden.
    I'm so glad you had a nice time on the couples retreat -- I'm sure you and your husband were able to impart much wisdom and good example to your group!

  11. I have never heard or seen a sun dog before?!! Will be on the lookout.......glad that the barn painting is almost done! Women's imaginations have a way of running wild in a matter of seconds.


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