learning to drive

Little Oh is 9 1/2 months old.
He has taken 10 steps.
We are trying to keep him a baby.

He doesn't want to be a baby.
He wants to be a boy...
and play like boys play.

He knows about steering wheels...
and going fast.

He knows who his brother is.

Big sigh...
slow down Little Oh...
you have all summer to learn to walk.
Let us carry you around...
and push you in cars.

all for now...


  1. Their growing up is bitter-sweet. We saw our grandchildren this weekend and while my back was thankful they could walk on their own, it was so wonderful when they climbed on my lap and cuddled close.

  2. Big brothers have a way of inspiring little brothers to move way too fast! :0)
    Fun photos!

  3. They sure don't stay 'babes in arms' for long! And the ones that come behind seem all the more determined to grow up quickly. Our little Lucy is ten months...and trying to walk as well.

    Little Oh is looking more and m ore like his big brother!

  4. I love the casual 'one hand on the wheel and an arm out the window' - does it come naturally?

  5. Oh....how the big ones help those little ones grow up so fast...Wheelies, the whole bit. Some are learning to drive while others are taught how to putt...
    Looks like he won't even need a L or N in his back window.

  6. Simply adorable!! Having a big brother is the best!

  7. Look at those popawheelies! :)

    They're both such cuties! They do grow up fast - and change - even in a month!!

  8. I blinked...they are in high school now, right? Groan.
    Tell Terry to find a good place to hide the keys to the Merc.

  9. Big Brother is having a great deal of fun with his baby brother, isn't he? This could get exciting! =D

  10. What an adorable pair of boys and oh that car....it's too cute! I love Pondside's observation!!!

  11. What a hoot! Those two are going to keep having fun together. Soon it will be all about ramps and dirt bikes and running inside for bigger and bigger lunches.


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