renewal and regeneration

After the showers stopped yesterday afternoon I went out to survey the results.
If it never rained...we would not know the scent that only rain can provide.
The rain gave me a holiday for several days from watering the bedding plants that I had planted on a rare week that not a drop fell.

The peonies are right on schedule.
Isn't it amazing how God creates new each year?
It is such a faithful reminder that he is a God of renewal and regeneration.
Every morning and every night and with every living breath...
we have the opportunity to be renewed and regenerated...
not by our own power..
but by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Read about it in Titus...

I love that hope!
I'm nothing without it!

all for now..


  1. Your peonies are about four days ahead of mine. I find that interesting since we are from opposite sides of the continent, but apparently near the same latitude.

    God's faithfulness and constancy...

  2. always thankful for the Holy Spirit's power and direction in my life.
    Funny how He sends ants to open them up ...never in my pregardening days would I have imagined ants as garden helpers.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  3. An uplifting message and have yourself a wonderful memorial weekend. Richard

  4. Peonies!!...this brings back memories of one of your family weddings that had an abundance of gorgeous pink peonies! Most beautiful wedding ever. Makes me smile! Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Some of my peonies are about done...and another bush looks just like yours (well, maybe not quite that many buds!).

    The rain was refreshing this time around. Here's a quote from three-year-old Maggie yesterday, "Grandpa told me at church that he likes the rain, because it makes the corn grow. I like the rain too!" God sends the sunshine...and He sends the rain...all in His good time.

  6. He does it all for's just amazing. Beautiful promise those buds have...

  7. The promise of a new day and of new growth is what gets me through my bad days! To think that tomorrow has a whole new chance of being a great day....only God could do that! I do need to plant some peonies here at our house, used to have them when we lived in the city. They are one of my most favorite flowers. Yours look so beautiful already, even without being in full bloom!

  8. I totally feel refreshment after that rain..and how do I celebrate it? Run back to the garden shop to find some more colorful plants that remind me of God's refreshing love daily.

  9. What a refreshing post! Your peonies look lush and full of promise! My early ones are just beginning to bloom and always make me think of the lady who lived here before me who so lovingly planted these heritage plants (probably 70-80 years ago)! I have been moving and dividing some of them over the years and giving pieces to some of her granddaughters - who are now my age and have many memories of this farm. How wonderfully the Lord blesses us generation after generation with his unfailing renewal and love!

  10. You are most definetely the peonie queen as your bush looks like it's in a race for the most buds on it.
    I like how you mention the refreshment brought by rain and relate it to spiritual refreshment. Isn't it good that we are promised new strength for each new day? I can go to bed at night, knowing that God will be there tomorrow too. In the meantime He will give me sleep and refesh my body and soul as I look to Him and rest.

  11. I haven't stopped at your blog in awhile. I missed your blog! Your GrandBabies are all getting so big! Glad things are going well for you!

  12. A hearty amen to this post! You shared the powerful truth in a simple, yet profound way. His love continues to renew us every day.

  13. Amen to that. Here in Germany, in german they are called Pfingstrose, as in Pentecost roses, so yours bloomed just in time and your message was perfect for Pentecost.
    a friend gave me a peony, a couple of years ago transplanted from her garden and though it grows and grows it is yet to bloom, any advice?


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