When the flower dies

As much as I love a cherry blossom..
it is the cherry that I look forward to most.
The petals have blown away...
and some of the stems will drop off without a purpose.

The ones that remain...
will begin to swell at the end of the stem.
That...my friends is a baby cherry.

A baby cherry is good.
I'll keep you posted on that baby cherry.

all for now...


  1. Do we get together every day to coordinate blog posts? Not that I have a cherry tree or anything... Blessed you!

  2. We need to plant some fruit trees, I would ♥ to have them growing right now! Childhood memory eating them off the tree...

  3. Our cherry tree is still in full blossom and the apple trees are just coming into blossom. I am praying that there are some bees out in our little orchard, as last year was marginally better than the one before. The mite problem as hit Island bees hard.

  4. All's well when the flower dies...and the baby cherry begins to form...and the new leaves look mighty healthy.

    We have a red sunset maple, where the flowers died...and the new leaves never opened. One fair-sized tree (in a row of many) stands guard quite lifeless this spring. What to do?

  5. Cherry pie....or just for picking, I know those little fruits will be enjoyed.

  6. Cherries, something to look forward to. I'll be waiting on our pears, apples, and blueberries...
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Cherries are some of my favorite fruits. I'm not sure if it is actually the cherry or just because it is red. I tend to choose the color red in anything from food to shoes.

  8. A cherry tree - how wonderful! Have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend Lovella!

  9. Sing Neil Diamond's song "Cherry Cherry" to them...see if they become wild cherries.

  10. Is this the tree you gave one more year? It's looking good!

  11. I'd love to have a cherry tree in my yard, or any fruit tree for that matter. I do have a fig tree growing in alrge pot and I get about 150 figs in late summer...they are so good!


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