picking dandelions

I wonder if the grands will someday compare notes and make fun of the farming clothes that they are required to wear while their street clothes stay in the house....clean.

They know which boots fit them best and take it all in stride.
If they are concerned ....
they surely don't make mention.

Their attitude is in fact...
exemplary and their hearts are as they should be...
an attribute I long for them to retain.

On this day...
the bouquet grew larger and larger.

The conversation in the field was ongoing.
The voices were outside voices...
and no one minded one bit.

The little one...
caught on and also wanted to give.

At the end of the flower picking...
we made our way back to the bungalow...
talking about lunch and eggs and baby chicks...
and what we could do in the afternoon.

Thank you Jesus...
for little girls....
that know my name.

Oh....and the Rotary Luncheon?
Was just fine.
I talked...Judy talked..
and Marg flipped the slides...
and the Rotarians graciously responded kindly.

all for now...


  1. And you have a beautiful bouquet of dandelions on the dining room table? Do you eat dandelion greens? Seems as if you have quite a nice crop for it. And how goes the rhubarb? Never a spring comes and goes without my thinking of the difference between my skimpy rhubarb and your gold-fed rhubarb.

  2. Loved this post, so went back reading and now following! Just another Nana, agreeing with you on many of the important subjects... family, GRANDS, life and faith! Your grass is so green it hurt my eyes Lovella! Added you to my sidebar so others may enjoy your wonderful blog!

  3. Has there ever been a lovelier and more treasured bouquet than an early spring dandelion bunch proffered by a tiny hand?

  4. Sweet as can be! How do you manage to keep the dandelions in the field and out of your lawn nearby?

  5. Such beautiful, colorful pictures. Is it the photographer, the camera, or the subject matter that gives you such consistent photos?

  6. Funny that you mention their clothing, I was just thinking how cute their little jogging outfits look! The funny thing about dandelions is that you really only notice (from a distance anyway) their presence for about 2 weeks a year.

  7. Flowers picked with love are the very best! How fun it is to wander through a field and talk with a friend and gather a bouquet for a very loved Grammie! I'll bet your grandkids enjoy coming to your house almost more than anything in the world. What a blessing our grands are to each of us. Yours look so very sweet and quite stylish in their farm clothes.

  8. I need your grandgirlies to come visit and pick some dandelions in my yard to give Dear a break. LOL! Love the farm clothes!

  9. Awwwwww - such a sweet post. Thank goodness for little girls indeed!

  10. I'm so glad you get to enjoy little girls this time 'round!
    Very sweet!

  11. Now that is a crop of dandelions. You are blessed to have dandelion pickers to help before they go to seed. Sweet pictures! Pamela


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