Morning after Dinner Party

After a wonderful time with friends last night...
it is wonderful to wake up to clean glasses dripped dry...
and magnolia blooms to greet me.

Last night we  laughed and were blessed by the kind of conversation that only happens between the dearest of friends!

The farm has no concept of long weekends...
except for knowing that some we love will have an extra day off of work...
and that is just as good to us as having that day off ourselves.

Coffee is ready....and my steaming cup has been delivered.

Have a wonderful ....and safe long weekend my dear ones...

all for now...


  1. Oh my...Victoria Day already? I just wander around Blogdom wondering where the time has gone.

    Always nice to wake to clean dishes and a pretty flower on the sill. I make it my goal...doesn't always work out.

    Have a good weekend, even if there'll be a lot of laboring there on the farm.

    So glad that you had a nice evening with friends.

  2. There is nothing quite like a good meal shared with friends.

  3. You are so right...that we on the farm know nothing about long weekends. Those who work for us seem to know that it is a holiday weekend though! Have a good one.

  4. My son shares his birthday with dear Victoria!


  5. Those are the very best kind of evenings!! RIght up there with family and grandbaby evenings (almost!) :) Happy QV weekend Lovella!

  6. We were talking about your long weekend the weekend before our long weekend. Clean dishes after a party are such a treat...

  7. visiting with old friends is alwasy the most relaxing. Hope that sometime this weekend feels somewhat like a holiday even if the chickens don't recognize it as such.

  8. Your picture could have been taken in my kitchen. I have those same goblets and they sit on a tea towel to dry after a dinner party. Enjoy the weekend!


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