planting garden 2012

Our garden is in!

It has been unusually warm this last week so the sprinkler is going.
Remind me of this when it starts to rain again.

I plant the tiny seeds...

and he plants the big ones.

I admit...
that I spent more time going to wash my hands so I could take pictures...
than I did with my hands in the dirt.

The variegated sorrel is growing like a weed.
I might have to make another pot of Summer Borscht...
or maybe try that Sorrel Perishky that someone I know has been hungry for.

I'll be glad when I can go pick an onion out of the garden again.
We love onions!
I wonder how many bags I go through in a year.

After the planting was done...
the garden was tidied..
and now we go every day to watch for something peeking through the soil.

all for now..


  1. I enjoy onions in my cooking, but probably my favorite thing from the garden is squash. There are oh so many ways, to make it taste good.

  2. Good times! I see that you are getting "the look" perhaps for washing your hands and taking pictures. =D

    (My darling has in the past three days suggested that we nix our plans for a small garden. I am in shock. He says that for what we would harvest, it'd be cheaper to shop at the farmer's market. I am in shock. I think that he doesn't want to do raised beds. He's off to price the lumber right now. I'm coming out of shock.)

  3. How nice to have the room for a big garden plot. What a fun thing for you two to do together. You'll be enjoying some fresh goodness real soon. We just may have to come and dig a potato or two....or some fresh sorrel. Yesterday while at the garden centre I kept walking by the dill plants.....I could almost taste it. Nothing like fresh from the garden.

  4. I love planting a garden! I planted my wee raised beds yesterday...all 64 square feet of garden...while my hubby worked with big equipment planting his big 'gardens' of corn. Whether gardens are cost efficient in this day and age might be in question...but there is nothing like watching your garden grow...and then eating the fruits of your labour!

  5. Your garden looks wonderful with such nice looking soil. I like how you and your hubby work together to get it all planted. It is so fun to see what new thing is popping out of the ground each day.
    I have a tiny raised bed garden, but it has been providing us with tons of lettuce and now the peas are ready to be picked.
    I look forward to seeing what's new in your garden as the season progresses. You will continue to take pictures, won't you? (hint hint :)
    I'm not familiar with the taste of sorrel, but it sure is a pretty plant.
    Happy Gardening.

  6. I'm almost breathing a sigh of relief myself that it got in and documented once more. I sure enjoyed the visit to your garden last year when we had to twist ourselves through the tall bean plants. No hinting here at all. =)
    My brother-in-law talked about summer borscht on Sunday and how his dad in MB was dissappointed the recipe was not in the book. I know that is not really your fault.

  7. Isn't it fun? Our carrots and potatoes are through. We still have a lot to plant - but our weather has been so warm lately. I may put my tomato plants in earlier than usual and risk our last frost date - the first full moon in June.

  8. There is nothing like growing your own garden. I have planted most of my things into my small garden and H has planted a huge patch of sweet corn at the edge of the field corn (probably our most favourite garden crop is the sweet corn). I have a nice patch of garlic coming from our fall planting which we also love! I hope to one day plant a much larger garden again like I used to. Your garden looks so neat and organized! Love the Sorrel plant (I have never grown or used that).

  9. We love onions here, too. Don't tell Betty! Your garden looks so tidy and nice. What a treat to look forward to fresh veggies coming right from your yard!

  10. I like your honesty...spent more time washing your hands so that you could take pictures, so that we could enjoy this gardening post. There is something so real about working in the dirt. Can't wait to see what grows and then what you do with what grows.

  11. Beautiful garden! We have a very difficult site to plant anything, on the side of a mountain and very wooded. I will just have to admire your flat, tilled garden from afar!

  12. Your garden, and soil, look wonderful! I'm toiling away at mine -- trying square foot gardening this year, with not so good soil. :) So far it is working all right -- although a bunny is eating the tops of my beets!! Started on laying down mulch yesterday. The patio gardens look gorgeous -- now for the rest of the 3 1/2 sides of the house!

  13. I hear you...I go every morning...first thing...
    Today I hilled my potatoes.
    At least you have a REAl Garden.
    You would laugh at's a ladies garden...but just perfect for me.
    My man is the one who brings me the fresh soil with the front end loader and watches me...
    Can't wait till it's ready.


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