The engagement project

After publishing the apartment photos I went back to look for a photo of our "Dining Room".

Who did not have a set of wooden utensils hanging on the wall?
Behind the table our then very recent High School Graduation photos sat and I can just barely make out that our engagement photo sat on the end table at the end of the couch.

The table and chairs were a a labor of love.
We had a short engagement in today's standards.
Three months from the day he slipped the ring on my finger until the day I said...
"I do".

How then...did it seem so long?
We needed something to keep our hands busy so we purchased an unfinished pine table and chair set.

We sanded and then stained and lightly sanded and then put on coats of varathane.
We were motivated and young and excited.
We did not know what the years ahead would hold for us but we were did not worry about the future.

The first time we sat at the table was exactly one week after our wedding.
At first we used two chairs around the table...
and then eventually we pulled a high chair close to the table and then bought a booster seat to bring our toddler to the table.
Another chair was moved aside and we pulled the high chair close once more when we added another little boy to our family.

Family supper was always a priority for us.
Shift work occasionally prevented the Daddy to be present but that did not stop me from sitting down with the children and talk about their day  and "try" to  keep a schedule they could count on.

Our table is bigger now.
When we are alone it is too big...
but we have never stopped having our supper together.

When the children come home with their children...
my heart is full and grateful that our commitment all these years has given us the blessing of a complete circle.

I wonder then...
how God must long to have all of us around his table.

If I could hope for one thing...
it would be that the family circle will remain complete...
as we are seated around the table that our Saviour is preparing for us in Heaven.

That is all ...
that really matters.


  1. Amen. Without our loved ones...sigh...who even wants to think of it?

    You really did have the heart of a homemaker from very early on.

  2. Fun looking back at your beginnings and your hope for the future, too. What a glorious day and feast that will be at the banqueting table with the Lord...

  3. Amen.
    The dining table is so often where the most important decisions are made - or discussed before the time for decision has arrived. Those precious, all-important chats around dinner - like you, I made sure we were at the table, together every night. These days? We often sit at TV trays, just the two of us, and watch a favourite PVR'd show!

  4. "We were motivated and young and excited.
    We did not know what the years ahead would hold for us but we were did not worry about the future."
    I loved those words. They have just depth to your faith and who you are.
    And continue to boast about meal time with your beloved.

  5. Fun post....with lots of heart!

  6. Amen to a beautiful post Lovella.

  7. Family time around the table is and will continue to be one of the most special times. We all have read statistics of how important it is for kids to have that time to feel cared for, that someone listens to them and that they belong. It can be challenging when everyone has their schedules, but it pays off in the end. It is so good to see this tradition continued and I pray, like you, for the family circle to remain unbroken.
    Thank you for this important reminder today.

  8. Lovely post. We are approaching our 25th anniversary and I have a series of posts planned to celebrate the occasion. Because my own courtship and marriage are much on my mind I'm especially enjoying your recent thoughts.

  9. We were counseled to buy a great bedroom set first and dining table second...the bedroom being the center of married life and the dining table where we would entertain. We took that advise!

    Lucky me...Bernie had been on his own almost five years when we married and had receny purchased a very cool new living room set so all our rooms were well furnished.

    And no...I for one didn't have giantic wooden utensils on our kitchen/dining room wall, but will confess maked fun of the old folks who did have them..ahem...thinking of my parents generation... Oops...

  10. Oversized wooden eating utensils will be part of the wall decorations at the marriage supper of the Lamb.

  11. What a wonderful heritage you provided for your boys around that table and it continues today as you welcome kids, and grandchildren, extended family and friends to fellowship over a meal.
    As for the wooden fork and spoon...our son and his wife took ours, painted them bright orange and now hang them in their yard periodically to announce to the neighbourhood that they will be serving breakfast on Saturday. It's been a great way to meet and interact with their neighbours.

    1. Bev - I love that - what a great idea!

  12. I am excited for you that you get to speak at the Rotary. You are having so many special opportunitites to share.

    The pictures from where you both started and the commentary with it, made me smile the whole time I was reading. Believe it or not, we had a small apartment too, and we had the big flowered sofa and the big utensils on the wall. Well written post!


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