Planting Garden circa 1977ish

I have no idea what I am looking at except for that is the direction from where my beloved usually came up the drive to see me.
It was most certainly before marriage because I did not weed my mother's garden after I said.."I do".

I'm also wondering why I am standing there when all those weeds are sprouting through the soil.

See how sensibly I was dressed?
I wore a hat to protect my head.

I think the most interesting thing is that someone took a photo of me in the garden and even more interesting is that the slide never got tossed in the trash. it is documented.

all for now..


  1. I have a similar picture, mine taken in 1979 when I was pregnant with our second daughter Amy. We were picking up rocks in preparation of digging up the garden when I went into labor!!! Lots of exciting things have happened in a garden...

  2. Weeding is my least favorite chore so I understand why you are looking around for something better to do.

  3. I agree with were looking for an escape! Now I can see why your mom or dad took that photo. It's great. Great composition, great documenting, great subject!

  4. Those long-ago moments that don't stick to our memory cells! It's fun to see yourself in a way or a time you'd forgotten.

  5. But where is the date written on top of the the photo?? :-)

    1. Kathy...that is so funny because I thought the same thing. I guess she never figured out how to write tiny on a slide. I just laugh..wondering what I do that my kids will be still chuckling at some day.

  6. That must have been a rare hot day since you have that hat on LOL!
    Love your photo archives...

  7. I'd be looking for something better to do too! But I can also see why he married you. He figured, a gorgeous girl that actually ventures into the garden can be good company, even if she does not do her share of weeding and planting.

  8. I'm waiting for Jill's comment...about the hat. I love those candid long ago pictures! I dressed much like that to do my garden work at one time (but without the hat).

  9. Ah yes - the halter top and short shorts! You've taken me down memory garden (I mean lane) even if you don't remember :) - What a fun story!

  10. Judy...I think that hat is so cute! Fun print!
    I was more facinated by the fact that a modest Mennonite Miss was wearing such short shorts!
    I wore shorts that short to class in college, and to Bible study too. Bernie says the first thing he noticed about me were my legs when he first met me in a Bible study. Ooops! Well, he still likes my legs...and I bet Terry thought you "gams" were and are great too!

  11. Love the pic....brought back so many memories of that time. I think that was the year that my husband and myself each had our own garden and had set up a competition (of sorts). I won!...but only because the cows got out and ate his. We still laugh about it. Great that you actually have a picture to bring back those memories - thanks for sharing.


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