gardening circa 1981

In May of 1981 I wanted to get our garden in.
Shovel in hand..
baby Terrence with a book to read...
I stood with obviously not more accomplished than my circa 1970ish photo.

For the record...
I suspect I was holding the shovel for the photographer.
Back in the is perhaps usually him with the camera and not me.

Later that day..
the soil was turned over and made ready for the rototiller.
Our little garden was planted by early May that year like it always was.
That year...
I made good use of the upcoming May long weekend to  produce another son for us to love.
I continued to sew myself clothing now and then as in that "comfortable" and proper maternity top.
and my hair-do marginally improved over the years.

It is easy to forget that we are in our 50's...
until I look at photos from 32 years ago.

Life has been good!
Thank you Lord for so many little memories that remind us that your love has never changed.

all for now...


  1. You made me chuckle with a few of those comments. Lovella, if you don't look like the babysitter instead of the mom I don't're such a young'un!

  2. If I don't look in the mirror I can fool myself about how old I am. It is good to look back and see the faithfulness of God...

  3. So cute!! Don't you chuckle at the difference between the maternity clothing today and our day? We didn't highlight baby bumps. I think I like the way it is now better.

  4. I love your comment about it being easy to forget we are in our 50's until we look at pictures from 30 years ago. Personally I would not trade. I'd rather be 50ish...two little ones so close together would be enough to make me say that! =) But when we were young it was okay.

  5. Now that brings back memories...of maternity clothes from another era! I think you needed that spade as your walking stick. Cute pic!

  6. My oldest son's birthday is tomorrow - he'll be 23! Where does the time go?


  7. That was you at 9 months pregnant?!! You don't really even look pregnant!

  8. Does he still enjoy reading a good book outside now and then? Perhaps aloud and with an audience as young as he looked in that picture?

    How old were you? I am guessing 20-21?

    Do you remember your maternity clothes like I do...because we did sew them ourselves and "rocked" the billowy look almost non stop with closely spaced babies? I did have a couple of bump hugging tee tops...sewed them early in first pregnancy, not believing I really would need such a long large top. Live and learn!


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