a visit in the nursery

if I find myself going past the church nursery in the middle of the service..
I find myself stopping to see if I can spot Little OH.

On this particular weekend....
quite some time ago...
his team was still in the finals.

I held the little camera...
and told him to smile.
It is a tad blurry when you are holding the baby and the camera at the same time.
He may not yet know my name...
but he knows my face...
and that is enough....

for now.


  1. That look of recognition is so sweet. It's a mutual admiration society all the way around.

  2. Very sweet. And then...could you leave once the photo was taken? I think not!

  3. There is nothing quite like the smile of a child.

  4. He's darling....

    How wonderful that they go to church with you!

    So sweet!


  5. Just imagining the pleasure of being in the same church as my grandchildren - well that would be very special! I love the look on little OH's face. It says 'MY Grandma!' better than any spoken word.

  6. I agree with you, if they know your face, that is all that matters. Such cute pictures!

  7. That smile looks like it's a special one for Grammie!
    Was he willing to stay there once he saw you?

  8. He has the sweetest smile and I love his tiny baby teeth peeking on his lower jaw. I had thought that eventually I would sneak out of services for a secret grandbaby tryst...but wonder if I'd be pemitted to what eiyh all the security and bar coding that nursery management entails these days. Might have to sign up for nursery duty !

  9. And you've captured the photo and that's all that counts.
    I always peek into the preschool room and wait till he sees me....and that's what counts.


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