the sky train

Kanneloni Macaroni is a sport.
She'll look you square in the face with a smile ...
with her square glasses pipe cleaner glasses.

Sure...she knows I am taking her picture.
As soon as the phone clicks she'll be asking to see the image of herself.

On a rare "summerish" weekend a month and a half ago...
her Omi (other grammie)...
packed up her grands into a motorhome and took them on an adventure.

They camped in the city....
and the next morning..
after a hearty breakfast of oatmeal...
they walked to the nearby Skytrain Station.

Kanneloni Macaroni was impressed.
They rode that Skytrain from Coquitlam to Vancouver and back to Coquitlam in the evening.

When she came over several days later...
she told me with a good amount of conviction..
that she had  been on a Skytrain.

I believed her of course.
The next time I saw her....
I once again heard about the most important revelation to her life...
the Skytrain.

This has gone on now for a month and a half.

I was talking to her Daddy yesterday...
and he reported that not much was new...
the kids were all good...
and when Kanneloni Macaroni prays to Jesus at night....
he knows her grateful heart for that skytrain.

That is what it is like being a two year old.

I love that girlie!


  1. Sounds as if she will be taken on a few more trips in the Skytrain. What a cutie pie she is!

  2. I love the singular focus children have - she's a little darling and will be grateful later that her Grammie kept such a good account of her activities and spoken wisdom!

  3. So sweet. Love that grateful heart.

  4. This struck a chord with me, as our three year old grandson is, apparently, telling one and all that he will soon 'go on three airplanes to Nana's house'. The nursery school teacher told my son and asked if it were true - of course it is. Little ones like yours and mine are accurate!

  5. What a sweet girl...and what a fun post! Shw will never forget her skytrain adventure.

  6. I love that story! I guess as adults we would not realize the unique ring of just the name - the skytrain! Her Omi made a beautiful memory, one that may just be a two-year-olds first lifetime memory.

  7. She sure can rock pipe cleaner glasses...and will likely make everyone envious of how cool she looks in shades. I am impressed that her awe of skytrain continues as most little ones seem to let past experiences slip away after a bit. She is quite bright isn't she? And has already a firm grasp on the practice of being thankful...that's wonderful!

  8. You can sure tell what Matters Most in her Life...What a wonderful outing with the little ones on the sky train. You probably remember doing those trips with your boys and here we are.

  9. What a darling picture of a little sweetie who enjoyed the skytrain!

  10. What a cutie! Everry child is so different - it always amazes me how God can create one more unique person again, and again!


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