Growing grass

Perhaps one of the trickiest parts of living in the Fraser Valley is the confliction of fertilizing the lawn so it greens up in spring...
and the typical rain that we get for days on end.

He brought the wheel barrow around and called in the back door to know where I wanted chicken manure.


I pointed here and there and he scooped and dug it in a bit and now the rest is up to sunshine.

My favorite Magnolia is blooming and blowing in the winds.

While I take pictures.... he waits for a window of dry weather and is happy for the wind to dry the grass so he can mow the lawns.

What should take about 4 hours...
is divided between days and then he starts right off where he started again.

This time of year?
The lawn needs to be mowed at least...
twice a week.

Today I am doing something I have never done before.
The Chilliwack Rotary has invited us to come tell our story.

Keynote presentation ~ check
Clothes selected ~ check
A few brave girls to stand beside me ~ check

Big gulp!


  1. The RC members are wondering what to wear to their meeting today...wondering what to say to you and wondering if you are just as nice in person as you seem to be in media.
    I wish I could be there...oh they are in for such a special treat!

  2. What a great opportunity to share! There'll be members there who will help further the cause, I am certain.

    It grieves me that it is still raining there because that weather of yours usually winds up over here and it's been raining here for a week already. Does one ever get used to it? The lawn desperately needs mowing and by the time we can get to it, it'll be much too high and require raking as well. I hate when that happens.

    Hope that we get to hear all about the presentation!

  3. I could ditto this post...our lawn is cut on patches. We even cut one section last Sunday..but as you see's in sections also.
    Smile...I have fresh coffee on and we will be there to hold you up.

  4. Public speaking is so not in my comfort zone. However, it does always seem a bit easier with a few friends present to share the stage. I always pretend the crowd is looking at my friends and not me.

  5. Those Rotarians will be predisposed to love you all!

  6. Mowing has been tricky this spring so far. Your grass looks so healthy. Ours is mostly moss and dandelions :0)
    I'm with you in spirit as you head to the lunch!

  7. Growing and mowing...that's spring in the Fraser Valley. As for your first-ever Rotary presentation...good job!

  8. You'll do great!

    In another month we will need to mow twice a week here too! We are dodging rain these last two weeks as well!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  9. I'm late to say a little prayer for your speaking engagement - but I'm confident that you did very well and that your MGfriends were there praying as you spoke. Looking forward to hearing about it!

  10. You know Lovella, yours truly is a lawn to covet (and I know we must not covet!), but it is so luscious, green, thick and I can't see a weed anywhere! It's inspiring!


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