the back gables that no one ever sees

When he didn't come around the house for his 2 pm coffee break I went for a walk about around the barns looking for him.
I found him at the top of one of the barn gables...
sprucing it up.

I shuddered to think what would happen if he slipped down the roof.
I said..
"come down from there and I'll make you some coffee...
but I'll run and get my camera first".

He said..."start the coffee and hurry back because I'm coming down."

I came back and snapped a few photos and he came down...
safe and sound.

My imagination is too active.
Too many men go up roofs and come down in ways they don't expect.

Every day there are things to be thankful for.
mine was that we are one gable closer to him being satisfied with the back gables no one ever sees.

all for now...


  1. Oh dear. I do not like men on roofs! Glad he got down the safe way.

  2. Oh my, that just doesn't look the least bit safe! Does that mean he has to go back up again??

  3. That really scares me too! I'm terrified of heights for myself and to see others in precariously high positions as well. I'm glad he got down safely.

  4. Glad he never came down too quickly...and was still there when you came back with the camera. Hope those back gables are soon done...and he can keep his feet firmly on the ground.

  5. Good to know that he is safely down. I am learning (nearly daily) that a man is going to do what he's going to do. ☺

    And oh won't it be nice when he goes back there and looks up at his work and knows how neat and tidy everything is. He strikes me as such a person who enjoys neat and tidy.

  6. Yikes!!

    Love how you told him to stay put til you got the camera :) A true blogger!

  7. If only we were all more concerned about some things that no one ever sees.
    This morning this reminded me of a sculptor in a cathedral who was working in an area that no one sees ... when asked about it... his reply ... God does.

  8. My husband would have been up there painting too! That's what men do...

    Glad he was able to stay safe up there!


  9. I'll bet your man feels pretty special to have someone like you "caring" so much about him and his safety! I always feel uneasy too when things like this are being done here on our farm!

  10. Just looking at these photos made my heart race (I'm terrified of heights). I am thankful he made it safely to the ground.

  11. That's a cute many of our projects are like that aren't they? No one will ever notice, but my to do list is complete, except I'm waiting for some more sunshine so that my gardens will bloom.

  12. Oh Lord, that is scary! A friend's husband decided at the last minute that while they were waiting for their Thanksgiving dinner guests to arrive, he would put up the ladder and check the gutters. Disaster! When the doorbell rang, it was my friend's husband who'd fallen off the ladder and managed to crawl to the front door. They spent the holiday in the emergency room. The turkey remained uneaten, and when the guests arrived, they were greeted with a hastily scribbled note tacked to the front door. Though it was 15 years ago, my friend's husband hasn't been able to turn his head properly since. So tell your husband to please, please, PLEASE be careful! It just takes a second for disaster to strike.

  13. It really is quite amazing what these farming husbands of our do some days....most of which we never see! How God's Hand protects......It brought a smile to my face to think that you ran to get your camera - good catch!

  14. There ought to be a law! No climbing on the roof -- especially for reasons no one will ever see!
    I hold my breath when I see men walking on a roof as though danger is miles away!!!


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