Friday, October 31, 2008

Pass the Popcorn . . .please

I learned something the other day that I didn't know. . .Tell me the truth, am I the last to know this? I read in a magazine that you can make popcorn in a lunch bag in your microwave. Serious? I am shocked. I thought that the popcorn button option on the microwave was for the prepacked popcorn packages with the pretend butter on them.
I had to try it .. . .immediately. I took my little brown lunch bag, measured my 1/2 cup of popcorn, and tossed it in .. .folded the bag down several times . . .and pressed the popcorn option.
Voila, popcorn. Seriously, I didn't know. I feel sort of silly since I'm certain if I would have read the manual for the microwave, it would have given me this information. . .but I didn't.
Granted the pictures are pathetic, but my hands were shaking with the anticipation of that first warm crunch.
I'm glad I learned this easy peasy popcorn trick now. . .in the beginning of "spending evenings indoors" season.
I'm expecting a few very special visitors later . . ..I hope I'll recognize them. . .
Have a wonderful weekend. . . I'll be making popcorn.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Those Girls !!!

The last few days I've been torn between capturing yet. . .more. . perfect fall colors on the camera. . .and my latest project of making a "google group" for the Girls who sweat and toil in their kitchens. . .pumping out fantastic recipes for you day after day on the
Mennonite Girls Can Cook blog.
I found a fantastic little gadget on Google that allows the contributors of that blog to stay connected quickly and to be able to check the comments quickly in a communal fashion. Often comments are added to posts from months ago, and we enjoy that feedback. It is one thing to say .. ."that looks fantastick, I think I will make that". .and another thing to say "I made it, and the family loved it."
I feel a little like a mother hen over these Girls. Initially the invitation was open to everyone who enjoyed cooking. My desire was to preserve and teach the recipes that have been handed down through the Mennonite families. It didn't take long and I had enough contributors to make the blog work well.
My second goal was to involve a few women who had been "blogging" by way of leaving comments most every day on my blog. I convinced them that they would "love" blogging and they have done amazingly well. We have slowly worked our way through most of the Mennonite recipes and we are adding in the family favorites that we enjoy in our homes on any given day.
The Girls have far exceeded my expectations for their creativeness with their cameras, their recipes and their food displays. It didn't take very long and the emails began to fly back and forth and we formed a kindred spirit amongst us. We often email one another with a quick prayer request or a quick question about a recipe and we are all the richer for it. When one of us is heading out for a few days. . we all say "so long" and though most of us never see each other, we miss each other as though one is missing from the table. It is a rare day that we don't comment on each other's recipes, anxious to give encouragemnt and feedback.
Every now and then, I throw something new at them. . .to keep them on their toes. We aren't taking courses in university to keep our minds sharp, but I think we have all stretched our knowledge in the kitchens and on the computer.
I can't wait for us to meet. I have no idea when we will make that happen, but when we do, I dare say there will be no 20 minute uncomfortable silences at the table. Being proper bloggers, we'll be coming with our cameras. . .and tripods, getting in that group shot.
God blesses us in so many ways. . . and if we pay attention to the promptings that stir in our heart, we are often blown away by his attention to detail in giving us our heart's desires. Having a group of women who shared my interest in cooking was something I didn't really know I needed, but God met a need I did not know I had. I can't help but smile as I realize that not only did God do something personally special for me, he has essentially blessed countless others .. . . . judging by the food pictures on the blog.
I had no way of knowing that these women would all be such a blessing in my life. . . but they are.
Next time you feel that God is giving you an idea. . .run with it. .
Have a wonderful day my friends.
One more pot of applesauce and the tree will be bare. . .woo hoo.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

October Roses and other bits

Yesterday I clipped off the last of my rose buds. They were having a hard time opening with the chilly nights and the rain is in the forecast so . . . .I brought them in.

The roses got a bit of fall pruning while I was at it. I don't like to cut them too short but I also don't leave them looking bedraggled.

OH. . .and I thought I would give you a peek at the "glare" pictures that I settled on for our eating area. I know you can't really see how they look, but I never did get the summer ones done and I decided to document that I did do fall pictures this year. Buying non glare glass is on my to do list.
I do wonder how long it will be before I'm running willy nilly around the countryside looking for perfect winter shots. . .
You will be amongst the first to know. . .I'm sure.
OH. . .and then I thought I would show you that UP in Canada. . .we are still enjoying our Geraniums too. They are the hardiest of the annuals and I'm leaving them until I can leave them no longer.

Then, since this post is already so eclectic. . . I thought I would show you a few things that I served for our dinner guests the other night.

I've been making Apple Bar and Apple Pie by the Yard till it has nearly been making itself. . .trying to use the apple up.
The other day, I realized that I didn't have any icing sugar in the house and I couldn't make the thin icing to drizzle over the top. . ..and so I melted Caramels and drizzled that over top.
If you still have a few lingering apples on your tree, do give this a try. .

OH. . .and then I also made a loaf of Multigrain bread and thought that I should probably remind you to get your heavy dutch ovens out of the cupboard and fire up your oven, now that the cooler temperatures are here.
Honestly we love this bread so much, I made it all summer.
I posted it on my own blog. . .but this morning you can find it on the MGCC blog too. . I just keep experimenting with it and lately I've been letting it have its last rise in a bed of grains. . .
Well, I think that is it. . .
Have a wonderful day my friends.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bumbo Seat for William

On occasion . .
William the bunny from the far southern regions of our continent. .
and his buddy the lil' farm hand.. . . need fresh air.
I am fairly certain those areas which I lack in imagination will be soon be sorted out.
With yet a limited vocabulary . ..
facial expressions are our chosen form of communication.
His non verbal stories are fascinating . . . and oh how I already love to listen.
Have a wonderful day my friends. . .I'm going to take in some fresh air.

Monday, October 27, 2008

back at the playground . .again

As parents. . . .we pretty much all hope the same thing for our children, don't we?

We do our best in raising them and hope for the best for them. . . .

and often pray for them.
So often while Terrence was growing up, my curious side would wonder what he would do for a living, and who he would marry.

The years continue to fly by far quicker than I imagined they would.

Moments in time come back to me. .. times we laughed together, learned together . . . . and
times I was unnecessarily cross and impatient.

Still in spite of our parenting. . .

Terrence is all that we hoped he might be.

Recently we went back to the playground with Terrence, Bea and their little guy.

He carried the lil' farm hand high on his shoulders. . much like his Daddy did for him.
Often I think that I write these posts for myself .. . .it gives me time to reflect and remember and cherish the moments that I hold dear.
The years that I planned birthday parties and baked cakes and invited little boys to come help celebrate are long over.
Some posts come so quickly for me. . . and yet this one I have written and then deleted sentences and started again.
My heart is so full of memories and a tenderness for my son who since he is a boy . .
cannot possibly "get" a mother's heart.
God did not create little boys to remain "momma boys" forever.. . . .and it's a good thing too.
I'm just so grateful that he is who he is. . . we quite "like" him,
and it always amazes me that he is more like his grandpa than anyone else.
Terrence had fifteen years of his life with this grandpa. . . . not nearly enough time in our estimation and yet God makes no mistakes and now often we smile as we see "Dad" in our son.
Grandpa would be so proud of this boy. . . this man. . . who mirrors him in so many ways.
I pray that he will always have a sensitive heart towards God and towards his family.
I'm still learning about being a mom. . . .I'll always be a mom. . .
the job description just keeps changing.
So. . .on this day marking the 29th year of our son's life. . .
I wish you a wonderful day my friends. I'm hungry for cake.

Friday, October 24, 2008

sorting and picking and ordering

Yesterday, after the guys finished their coffee and Charlotte's maple twists . .. I began to sort the pictures from the drive to Merit and Spences Bridge.

I could waste so much time doing this. . . but then again, is it really wasted time?

Where does the guilt come from? I'd like to know. I pushed it to the back and continued to sort and pick and order online the pictures for my dining room. I'm picking them up at Costco today. . and I'll let you know if I'll be doing it over again . . .unhappy with my choices or if the idea in my head. . . worked.

The rest of the day, I continued to make applesauce for the wee ones. . .and for us too. Chopping, cooking and turning the food mill. . .the guilt vanished and the ice cream pails filled up.

In between the apple sauce making. . the picture sorting and ordering .. .I spent a bit of time on the phone. . . .should I feel guilty for that?

I had a call from back east. . .chit chatted a bit with my sister in law. . .who is patiently waiting for the twins to be born. I had a call from my dear friend who had I needed desperately to catch up with. . . and I had a phone call from a wee family member. . .didn't have much to say for herself .. but that certainly wasn't a wasted moment.

After that. . .the phone rang again. . .while I was turning the food mill. . .

He said. . "I don't smell no coffee". . . .so I assured him that is was because he was in the shop. . .and not in the house. . . . . . He moseyed in for a cup of coffee. . ..was that wasted time?

Some days if I remain very focused. . .I can accomplish a great many things. . . and I feel accomplished. Other days. . . I wing it. . .and feel unaccomplished.
What I want to do. . . is be available. . . that is what my calling is right now. . .
and I'm thankful for it.
My job doesn't pay very well. . . .or does it?
Have a wonderful day my friends. . . I'll be catching up on office work today.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

'cause we were good

Yesterday we treated ourselves to an all day drive about. We felt we deserved a day away since we have finished step two of our annual once every three years or so. . .physicals. If you know me well, you know how much I avoid these.
Monday morning was the actual visit to the doctor and yesterday was the visit to the lab for blood tests. Immediately after having our cholesterol test taken. . .we ran to McDonalds for an egg mcmuffin.

We headed out onto the freeway and headed to Merrit for lunch. At their local Whitespot we enjoyed a Triple O Burger and then took the most scenic ride towards home. The ride from Merrit to Spences Bridge was just gorgeous. It is a road less travelled and turning around and stopping for photo ops was easy.

Today, I'll give you just a peek and more photos will follow in coming days.
I actually had loaded up more but my uncoordination on the notebook computer deleted them. . .so this is all you get today.
My goal was to take pictures for my dining room, replacing the two spring photos that I took. . in spring. Somehow the summer ones never did happen.

I was so thankful for this day to relax and have uninterrupted time to talk .. and laugh, and think. The weather was perfect. I had brought a warm jacket but we didn't need them.

You'll be glad to know that we didn't stop for yet another unhealthy meal for dinner. . .that we had at home.
Today we will continue our routine at the farm . I'm going to whip up a batch of Charlottes' Maple Twists for coffee break this morning. My beloved has a "meeting" scheduled with his chick salesman for ten .. . I hope to have them done by then.

Have a wonderful day my friends. . . .

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


When you were little. . . . did your mom insist that you walk in the crunchy leaves?
Mine did.
I was thinking it might be nice if you all meet me at the end of the driveway and we could do the annual crunchy leaf walk together.
I would tell you about how even when my beloved and I were dating. . .we would go for at least one drive up the mountain just to see and feel the beauty of the season.
Somethings are meant to remain the same year after year.
We are leaving this morning before breakfast. . .. and who knows when we'll be back.
I'm excited. . . and I'll giggle like a school girl. . . just like my mom used to do.
Have a wonderful day my friends. . .

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

waffle staging action shot

Pardon the terribly blurry photo of Stuart. . . I had the camera set on macro for the all important waffle photo op and well. . . .the camera is good but it doesn't seem to notice the difference between .. .near. . .. .and far.

On Sundays the "kids" often come for lunch/brunch. I whip up a batch of waffles that are more a dessert than an entree. No worries, they follow the farm fresh eggs and the fixin's that go along with those.

It never once occurred to me, that I should put the whipped cream into a proper serving bowl. . . .after all, we're family. We used to use a whip cream dispenser. . . .but that got the boys in trouble far too often. How can a whip cream dispenser cause such an uproar is beyond me. . . .so we are back to a bowl of whipped cream with a spoon, and peace at the table is once again reining.

If you want the waffle recipe that likes to sit a spell. . . .run over to the MGCC.

Have a wonderful day my friends. . . . .

Monday, October 20, 2008

the water park

I wondered what to call this post .
Thirsty . . . or "nein. .nein". . as he often reminds me as he walks past the china cabinet with the door pulls that are conveniently at his level.
When I popped my head around the corner and saw the lil' farm hand experimenting with his new found water park .. .my first instinct was to say. . ."nein, nein". . .
but then I had the good sense to hold my tongue and run for the camera.
I took my pics. . . (he glanced at me once with a cheesy toothless grin)
and then I broke the news to him. . .
another "nein, nein" to add to the never ending list of untouchables.
I pulled out a stack of towels .. . and sopped up the spill . . .
and popped him in the wagon and moseyed out to the shop to see Grampie.
At 10 months old his little disappointments in life are very easily soothed.
I'm sure that God is teaching me little lessons as I also teach little lessons.
Oh, that I would be receptive and gentle in my spirit when my
course in life needs a wee bit of correction.
Have a wonderful day my friends .. .

Thursday, October 16, 2008

posing the pumpkins

Yesterday . . I ran to our local farm pumpkin field .. .
and loaded a pile of pumpkins in the back of the truck.
Eight Pumpkins .. . eight people in our family . .
Perhaps this could be our Christmas Picture . .
I'll be away from my desk for a few days. .
Take care my friends. . .

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

mopping up!!

I'm posting on Tuesday evening and watching the election results. . .killing two birds with one stone .. .(is it still Okay to say such a thing?)

I had the good sense to make friends with a certain blogger back east. This election for the first time ever.. . the emails kept me in the loop a wee bit.

I felt so informed. . . .and kept running to tell my beloved so that he too would be in the loop.

Today. .the signs will start coming down and the road ways will once again be free of those annoying signs. . .does anyone really read those?

Speaking of mopping up .. .

my beloved was finishing chores yesterday when I popped into the barn to see him.

I had my camera with me . . and snapped a few pictures of him cleaning up after gathering the eggs.

We He takes the cleaning very seriously.

People often wonder what all needs to be done here on the farm. .

Farming has changed dramatically over the last decade.

Cleanliness is taken very seriously .. . from the farm to your table. . .

The floors are cleaned and there is not a cob web to be seen . ..
Have you had your egg today?
Get cracking .. .
Have a wonderful day my friends.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

let's all go!!

Turkey and fixin's packed away and distributed. . . .
The lil' farm hand . . . has been kissed with his assurances that he was .. . no longer contagious. .. The Kitchen linens. . .washed and put away .. ..
I was thinking that today. . .quite possibly my friends who are all scattered across this great nation of ours. . . and I . . . could all particpate in the same activity.
I've got the voting cards by the door and we're off to do our civic duty. . .
and perhaps after we've voted .. . we'll take in a little lunch at Tim Horton's and call it ...
an all Canadian Day.
Are you voting today? .. . . .
Did you know that Canada is choosing it's Prime Minister today?
I'll be parked by the television at 8 pm. . .
when the rest of the country will tell us who we all voted for. . . .
Have a wonderful day my friends.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008

The bad news.. .. today is a drizzly rainy chilly mess.
The good news. . . .Saturday and Sunday were the picture of perfect autumn weather.
I ran to the "way back"
and snapped Mount Baker through the turning leaves of the Blueberry plants.
The bad news. . .strawberry jam and the fresh cranberry sauce. . . from the cranberries that our neighbors kindly gave us. . . look very similar. .
He said. . . .as he was putting strawberry jam on his turkey. . . "are these cranberries?"
I said. . ."Oh .. shoot. . . scrape that off. . .I'll go get the cranberry sauce"
(mentally noting that is something my mother would have done in her later years. . .)
Tell me the truth this not an honest mistake?
The bad news. . . I only set for five adults and one high chair. . .
the tummy bug found its way in the the lil' farm hands .. . house.
The good news. . . .
. . .. still thinking.
(ah .. .reports this morning that the bug is leaving and as soon as the chores are done. . .
I'll be putting leftovers together and . . . well it is exactly 35 minutes when I drive to the lil' farm hand's house . . . .my beloved can do it in under half an hour . . .he'll be driving)
Going for a walk in crunchy leaves . . .in shorts . .in flip flops . .
pushing the little grandgirlie . . .in Canada . . .in October . .priceless.
Have a wonderful day my friends.

Friday, October 10, 2008

with praise and a thankful heart

We'll have our family over for dinner this Thanksgiving Sunday.
That in itself is cause for me to feel incredible gratitude.
While other families are separated . . some by choice. . others by distance they can't avoid. . .
we'll be all around the table on Sunday night for dinner.
This year. . . .two high chairs are added. . . across from each other so that they can see each other. . . smiling and chatting in a language I've yet to understand.
Becoming a Grammie has been my greatest joy this year. . .

We have had a year filled with first smiles .. . first giggles, first reaching to be picked up. . .first crawls and first steps. We are so thankful that our grands are healthy and happy in homes where their mommy and daddy love each other.

Who knows what this year will hold. I certainly don't. We don't know what set of circumstances will fill our lives. . . and threaten our security. . .and comfort. I wish I could stop change. . . but of course I can't. . nor would I truly choose to.

I am thankful that I serve a living God who knows my future. . .and has already made a way that will secure my true inheritance . I could easily list one hundred things to be thankful for this year. . .I am indeed blessed. The one thing that I have that everyone can have. . . is free.

If this thanksgiving you feel discouraged. . .as though there is no hope. . and there is nothing to be thankful for and not a lot to look forward to. . I would encourage you to put your trust where no bank . .no government. .no person can threaten it. My hope is built .. . on nothing but the blood of Jesus Christ. . .He has paid a debt he did not owe. . .and I owed a debt I could not pay. . . How could I ever be thankful enough?

The weather looks like it will be perfect. . . .I'll be out with my camera. . looking for that perfect smile. . .that perfect leaf .. .and that perfect moment. Looking back on pictures this last year. . .has been so encouraging. . .seeing all the opportunities to laugh .. and marvel at the beauty around us.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends. . .I'll be back.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Maple Walnut

One of my favorite flavours is Maple Walnut. I will nearly always select Maple Walnut Ice cream at an Ice Cream Parlour. . I never buy a bucket of it. . .that would just be overkill. I love Charlotte's Maple Walnut Twists. . . and I love the scent of Maple Walnut. .

Just don't give me any old Walnut. . . . you know the kind. . that has been sitting in the back of your drawer in an open bag for the last year. . . they do not taste nice . ..

I always keep my fresh bags of Walnuts in the freezer. . where they will always taste fresh. I also really love pumpkin. I love pumpkin pie. . which of course will be on the menu this weekend. Canadians are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend and the turkey and the fixings are coming together.

I did some true experimenting in my kitchen yesterday. I made some Biscotti. I looked online for Pumpkin Biscotti and nothing was really hitting the spot for me. . .so I decided to make up my own recipe.

If you love Maple Walnut. . .and you love Pumpkin . . .run on over to the MGCC and have a peek at the recipe.

Have a wonderful day my friends.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

ballerina in boots

She's just like her Mama. . . cute as a button.

I'm happy to see her picking up a musical instrument, starting with the drums is okay .. .the piano will come later. My little great niece is proudly wearing her new snow boots. Eastern Canada loves its snow and well, its best to be prepared early. OH .. but its way to early to be putting away the summer ballerina suit so her fashion consultant assured her .. .ballerina dresses are worn on top of clothes .. . this fall.

Shaye is enjoying the time spent with mommy and daddy. Lately. . .Mommy has more time to read books. . . and time to watch. . and time to sit and listen to Shaye's chatter. Shaye is sleeping in her big girl bed. . .seems timely. In a month or so. . . Shaye is going to be a big sister and very busy packing around her own baby dolls.

Our extended family had a big increase last year. Last year six new babies were born and this year there will be two.
Tammy is having twins. . . oh how fun. . Everywhere I go I look at baby clothes. . .for wee ones again. Pink and Blue. . .or yellow and green .. cream and tan. . .brown and pink. . navy and powder blue. . black and plaids. . oh the combinations are endless. .
I wished we lived closer .. it will be Christmas before we see the wee ones. . .and of course . . . Shaye. .
Will they look like their Mama again? Or will they favour their Daddy? One thing we know for sure, they are blessed to be loved, even now. . .
Forever O Lord,
your word stands firm in heaven.
Your faithfulness extends to every generation,
as enduring as the earth you created.
Psalm 119 :89,90
It is impossible for me not to think of the wee ones Great grandparents, who held fast to this promise. They may not be on this earth to hold and welcome additions into their family, but their legacy of love and faith. . . is with us. . until we meet them again.
Every baby born is a blessing and a gift from our Heavenly Father. . .the two little ones on the way. . .are indeed another blessing for our family.
Take Care . .. Quinn and Tammy. . and we'll keep praying for the safety of you all. . . with love.
Have a wonderful day my friends.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Anna and William

I haven't a lot of time to post this morning. Ever since late afternoon yesterday I've been on duty to settle in the new arrivals. . it hasn't been easy. How does one explain to wee bunnies accustomed to fair weather that the impending rainy and stormy weather is something they'll likely eventually. . .love. 'Tis a good thing that Willow's Cottage had the sense to dress them warmly. I imagine it would not be unheard of for bunnies to dress in thin cotton for winter down south .

With weekly cousin camp around the corner. . .I wanted to provide special friends for the grands. . . . .someone to hold when bumps and scrapes occur. . .and mommy and daddy leave for work. . someone to cuddle at naptime.
I enlisted the help of Willow. . . I saw her little Eleanor and was truly smitten with her. I left a rather heavy hinted comment one day. . wondering if bunnies ever immigrated up north. . .did she think they would like it here. . . and the tale of William and Anna began.

For today. . . I'll allow them to look out the window. Cold rain is something they can't quite believe. They are a wee bit shy. . . although Anna while first appearing to be the smaller and less busy .. .has a look about her that makes me keep an eye on her. William. . naturally feeling protective of Anna. . . has a gentle face. . . and I think we'll be friends.
I simply can't wait for the fun to begin in earnest. . .I'll keep you posted of their adventures on the farm.
Must go. . .the Certificate of Adoption still needs to be finalized on the new arrivals. . and so it goes here on the farm. Willow .. .the bunnies are so sweet. Thank you. . .so much.
Have a wonderful day my friends.

Monday, October 6, 2008

So .. .ticked off!!

Let it be documented that in my 49th year. . . .I can finally tick this one off my list of must do's.
In early high school I discovered my "enjoyment" of shopping.

My mom the darling that she was. . .really never did feel the sheer delight of the shopping trip. Being the baby girl in the family and the last one to finish school. . .and the last one to leave home. . .it became the Friday after school ritual for me. . and my mom. . .and my dad. .(my beloved who I was already dating at the time worked on Friday nights after school) to go to the local mall. . .all seven stores.. . have dinner at Woodwards. . and do a lap in the mall .. .for what I have no idea.

During this time, I began to notice that girls would discuss going shopping for the weekend. . . . Away.

Upon their return. . .the stories of the amazing malls across the line. . (meaning. . .the US) would sound so tantalizing. . .so girly. . . and of course they had clothes, that could never be found on this side of the border. I thought to myself, someday, I will have daughters. . .since I had no sisters. . and I will go shopping for the weekend across the line. . . .(meaning the US).

Now, you have to know, I married a man that has been a dear, he likes to shop. . and I have always been amazed at my good fortune in his often . . . "do you want to go shopping . . or something?". . .I'm usually in the car before he finishes expressing his thoughts.

I've gone to women's conferences a few times, squeezing in a few hours of shopping between "sessions'. . .but that just isn't the same. The focus is different . . .good, but different.

I wanted the shop till you drop shopping trip. . .not necessarily emptying the bank account. . .just once having my fill, of looking and trying on . . .and lunches, and coffee's . . . and dinner late. . .and movies and . . girl talk. . all that, is what I have waited for my whole life.

This weekend the men folk in the family went camping with "all terrain vehicles" . . to a place that knows not even a out house. My beloved (knowing me well) .. .saw this as my big opportunity .. .and so the plan was hatched. . and my dream began to be a reality. . .

I packed my daughters by love in my car .. .and we drove across the line to Bellevue Square Mall in Washington State. We stayed in The Marriot three blocks from the mall, we located the nearest. . .coffee establishment. . and the Cheesecake Factory. .

Aside from the nastiest cold, I could ever imagine my good fortune to spring on me. . .I had a wonderful time. I spent a bit more time listening than normal .. . which I would likely lacked the wisdom to to accomplish on my own .
Tucked into bed on Friday night watching Mama Mia, I thought to myself, this is what women have been doing with their daughters, and their sisters for years.
If you haven't been doing this. . and you have sisters. . or you have daughters. . .perhaps it hasn't seemed like such an amazing thing to do, but . . ah. . we are all wired so differently aren't we?
I did wonder. . at one point in my life, why would this seem like such a wonderful thing for me to do. . .when I haven't that "sister" or "daughter" to do it with. . .
Recently, I've supposed that .. .perhaps being wired with a particular bend towards enjoying an activity isn't necessarily a license to deserve. . but rather to appreciate the value of how God makes us all unique and one of a kind. I believe that I learned a bit of patience, in the waiting for this time in my life. . .and I learned that envy doesn't speed the process up.
Like enjoying a delicious meal . . .savouring each bite, and enjoying the tart, the sweet, the tang, and the texture. . . I enjoyed this weekend. It wasn't that I necessarily wanted someone to stand and watch and offer opinions on my selections. . though that was delightful. It was equally wonderful for me to consider that someone . . .a girl .. was asking what I thought about their selections. I could have just watched them try on all day. . .the reward was in the time spent.
I learned some time ago that God wired me to feel loved when someone chooses to spend time with me. "Someones". . . .chose to spend a weekend with "me". . I felt loved. Others may value affirmation, acts of kindness .. .or affection .. .we are indeed all a bit different.
If I never get to do it again .. .I'll be forever grateful that I got to taste the fun of being with girls who are mine. . and who chose to be with me. . .(as pathetically sick as I was .. and they even were gracious with my nocturnal freight train impressions. . .). .
Imagine. . .someone. . .running down to the lobby at night. . .to fetch you a cup of tea, with lemon. . .and honey. . . . is that not just the sweetest thing?
OH .. what did I buy? Who cares. .. it never was about the buying. . .
Have a wonderful day my friends. .. . .the boys are back, and the laundry has commenced.