So .. .ticked off!!

Let it be documented that in my 49th year. . . .I can finally tick this one off my list of must do's.
In early high school I discovered my "enjoyment" of shopping.

My mom the darling that she was. . .really never did feel the sheer delight of the shopping trip. Being the baby girl in the family and the last one to finish school. . .and the last one to leave home. . .it became the Friday after school ritual for me. . and my mom. . .and my dad. .(my beloved who I was already dating at the time worked on Friday nights after school) to go to the local mall. . .all seven stores.. . have dinner at Woodwards. . and do a lap in the mall .. .for what I have no idea.

During this time, I began to notice that girls would discuss going shopping for the weekend. . . . Away.

Upon their return. . .the stories of the amazing malls across the line. . (meaning. . .the US) would sound so tantalizing. . .so girly. . . and of course they had clothes, that could never be found on this side of the border. I thought to myself, someday, I will have daughters. . .since I had no sisters. . and I will go shopping for the weekend across the line. . . .(meaning the US).

Now, you have to know, I married a man that has been a dear, he likes to shop. . and I have always been amazed at my good fortune in his often . . . "do you want to go shopping . . or something?". . .I'm usually in the car before he finishes expressing his thoughts.

I've gone to women's conferences a few times, squeezing in a few hours of shopping between "sessions'. . .but that just isn't the same. The focus is different . . .good, but different.

I wanted the shop till you drop shopping trip. . .not necessarily emptying the bank account. . .just once having my fill, of looking and trying on . . .and lunches, and coffee's . . . and dinner late. . .and movies and . . girl talk. . all that, is what I have waited for my whole life.

This weekend the men folk in the family went camping with "all terrain vehicles" . . to a place that knows not even a out house. My beloved (knowing me well) .. .saw this as my big opportunity .. .and so the plan was hatched. . and my dream began to be a reality. . .

I packed my daughters by love in my car .. .and we drove across the line to Bellevue Square Mall in Washington State. We stayed in The Marriot three blocks from the mall, we located the nearest. . .coffee establishment. . and the Cheesecake Factory. .

Aside from the nastiest cold, I could ever imagine my good fortune to spring on me. . .I had a wonderful time. I spent a bit more time listening than normal .. . which I would likely lacked the wisdom to to accomplish on my own .
Tucked into bed on Friday night watching Mama Mia, I thought to myself, this is what women have been doing with their daughters, and their sisters for years.
If you haven't been doing this. . and you have sisters. . or you have daughters. . .perhaps it hasn't seemed like such an amazing thing to do, but . . ah. . we are all wired so differently aren't we?
I did wonder. . at one point in my life, why would this seem like such a wonderful thing for me to do. . .when I haven't that "sister" or "daughter" to do it with. . .
Recently, I've supposed that .. .perhaps being wired with a particular bend towards enjoying an activity isn't necessarily a license to deserve. . but rather to appreciate the value of how God makes us all unique and one of a kind. I believe that I learned a bit of patience, in the waiting for this time in my life. . .and I learned that envy doesn't speed the process up.
Like enjoying a delicious meal . . .savouring each bite, and enjoying the tart, the sweet, the tang, and the texture. . . I enjoyed this weekend. It wasn't that I necessarily wanted someone to stand and watch and offer opinions on my selections. . though that was delightful. It was equally wonderful for me to consider that someone . . .a girl .. was asking what I thought about their selections. I could have just watched them try on all day. . .the reward was in the time spent.
I learned some time ago that God wired me to feel loved when someone chooses to spend time with me. "Someones". . . .chose to spend a weekend with "me". . I felt loved. Others may value affirmation, acts of kindness .. .or affection .. .we are indeed all a bit different.
If I never get to do it again .. .I'll be forever grateful that I got to taste the fun of being with girls who are mine. . and who chose to be with me. . .(as pathetically sick as I was .. and they even were gracious with my nocturnal freight train impressions. . .). .
Imagine. . .someone. . .running down to the lobby at night. . .to fetch you a cup of tea, with lemon. . .and honey. . . . is that not just the sweetest thing?
OH .. what did I buy? Who cares. .. it never was about the buying. . .
Have a wonderful day my friends. .. . .the boys are back, and the laundry has commenced.


  1. What a special weekend! How blessed you are to have these wonderful daughters-in-love to share this time with.

    My mother, my sisters, and my sisters-in-law have often discussed taking a trip - a shopping-and-just-having-fun-weekend away. We did it once many years ago...I'm ready to do it again.

  2. You've described a little piece of heaven, Lovella. (Hope that your cold is a lot better!)

  3. Lovella... I am a blog jumper and I found your blog off someone elses blog... the "So..ticked off" title intrigued me so I had to go take a peek... thinking I was going to read a flaming post about someone or something that had really made you mad...I began reading and really enjoyed your story... It made me realize that it is time to make that same trip with my daughters... they are all growing up and leaving the nest... 20, 18 & 16. We have not gone in years.. thanks for the reminder of what a great time I had spending that quality time with my girls...

    Meg in MO (that's across the line in Missouri!)

  4. Oh.. I'm so happy you had this week-end with your daughters-in-love... I'm sorry you had to spoil it with a cold.. but I'm sure the cold won't spoil your memories !!

    Its funny, isn't it? I have both a sister and a daughter but it has never occurred to me to go away for a shopping week-end! smile

  5. so you described your time so beautifully, lovella. i am glad for you that you got to enjoy this type of "mother-daughter" thing. and you're right, it really isn't about the buying, is it?

  6. What a fun weekend with the girls..I'm happy for you.
    Get well!

  7. I have been wanting to do this with my 2 girls, (on by birth and one by love) for several years already and it still hasn't happened.
    So, I guess, I am learning a lesson in patience, as well!
    But.... one day.... :-)

  8. Oh look at you having fun in my other neck of the woods! You were just a few exits north of mine. And a few miles east of Bell-square is my favorite Goodwill :0)
    How lovely to spend the weekend with your daughters like this. Very cool. Did their mothers watch the little ones? Sweet...

  9. Lovella this post is GREAT! I actually got all teary-eyed reading it for some reason. I am blessed to say that I have enjoyed girly weekends like this in my life and it is truly wonderful! Glad you were able to do this and be blessed.


  10. What fun!!! I'm so happy for you.

  11. Yes, I heard the girls weekend was an all-around success! I'm so glad you got to enjoy the time away- You'll have to make it your annual weekend before thanksgiving shopping trip! hope that cold gets better!

  12. You had me worried with the title this morning...I thought for a moment that your weekend adventure had gone bad! But it sounds like a great time was had by all (other tha the cold). You had me curious all weekend as to what it was you were up never came to mind. What fun!

    We sisters quite like to shop together...but our mom was not much of a shopper, so she was never included. But we took her on a shopping weekend in the States for her 70th birthday...and we all had a hoot. A few years later she was gone, so that was our one and only shopping excursion...good memories.

  13. What a fun weekend! With one daughter of my own, one daughter-in-law, and another son who just got engaged, I'm getting some great ideas for girl bonding from blogs that I like to read......I've already had "high tea" in Fort Langley with my girls, inspired by Ellen, and now I'm excited to think about a future shopping trip, inspired by you. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  14. What a super way to spend a weekend, especially with sucgh lovely company.
    Your cold sounds horrid, hope it is getting better now.

  15. It certainly does make us feel loved when "someones" want to spend time with us!! I'm so glad you had that opportunity, and I hope it comes around again for you! Still, would like to see the "treasures" you came home with too! Perhaps in another future blog?!

    Lori T

  16. Absolutely lovely post. I love the relationship you describe with your daughters in "love." You are such a special woman, Lovella. All who know and love you can certainly consider themselves blessed.

  17. How fun!! I love doing girly things too. Although I don't last too long in "shop til you drop" mode.My MIL is another story - even in my 20s I would be sitting on a bench in the mall watching her breeze by. She's almost 80 now and hasn't slowed down a bit.
    I hope your cold is not too nasty.

  18. Well now that you have got the hang of doing a shopping getaway weekend, now you can branch out a a "fly somewhere to go shopping" weekend!

    May I suggest SLC? Or San Diego? (Just to name two places that would make excellent locations for just such a trip...)

    Shopping in Paris with Becky might be nice too.

    I'm so glad your DILs were so sweet!

    Yes, shopping with a Mom or a daughter is just wonderful. But...believe it or not, we used to have a family tradition that Jeff and I would go shopping "early-early" the day after Thanksgiving. And just imagine: this was always HIS idea! We would plot our shopping "assault" and do Christmas shopping big time, just us two. Wonder if we will pull it off again this year?

  19. Wow...that title was an attention grabber! :)

    I'm also one of those moms who has longed to do this with my daughters, even though one of them is absolutely NOT a shopper...we'd still have a great time doing all the 'girly' things.

    Glad you could get that ticked off.

  20. I think the one thing I've learned to value is that we may not always have all our dreams fulfilled, but we sure are never too late to restructure our dreams.
    Keep making thing happen Lovella and enjoy them...

  21. Well, I'm late getting to this post because my daughter's been here and we've been . . . shopping. I have to say though, that going across the line is usually more fun. We used to do the weekend thing as a whole family to go back to school shopping. Good memories! Ben would sit on the floor by the changing rooms and play with his gameboy, while the girls tried on.
    I think we taught him well. =)

  22. Ah, it sounds delightful! I am so glad that one of your dreams is fulfilled, you are loved, and you have the pleasure of loving back. Isn't that what life is really about?! Just wait till the grandaughters want to go shopping! It will tickle you pink!

  23. I have a feeling this one may re-appear on your list :)


  24. Sometimes the dreams in our hearts and minds come together as a perfect blessing. So glad you girls had fun. Kathy


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