Pass the Popcorn . . .please

I learned something the other day that I didn't know. . .Tell me the truth, am I the last to know this? I read in a magazine that you can make popcorn in a lunch bag in your microwave. Serious? I am shocked. I thought that the popcorn button option on the microwave was for the prepacked popcorn packages with the pretend butter on them.
I had to try it .. . .immediately. I took my little brown lunch bag, measured my 1/2 cup of popcorn, and tossed it in .. .folded the bag down several times . . .and pressed the popcorn option.
Voila, popcorn. Seriously, I didn't know. I feel sort of silly since I'm certain if I would have read the manual for the microwave, it would have given me this information. . .but I didn't.
Granted the pictures are pathetic, but my hands were shaking with the anticipation of that first warm crunch.
I'm glad I learned this easy peasy popcorn trick now. . .in the beginning of "spending evenings indoors" season.
I'm expecting a few very special visitors later . . ..I hope I'll recognize them. . .
Have a wonderful weekend. . . I'll be making popcorn.


  1. I had heard that before, but I've never tried it myself. We've always used a hot-air butter, no salt. However, that hot-air popper didn't make the relocation with us, so we're buying the prepackaged fake-butter stuff. Thanks for the demo! I like your method better!

    Have a great day!

  2. You're so funny! Better to learn late than never. Truth to tell, I still prefer the popcorn from Orville, but this way works in a pinch. I actually truly prefer my whirly-pop popper using the expensive coconut oil, but that's an entirely different story altogether. Have a great weekend!

  3. huh...did you do that with out any fat at all?
    do tell please!
    I must admitt that I still prefer lots of butter, but I am learning to adjust my preferances...;-(
    have fun with your visitors tonight, now stay away from all that candy now. :-)

  4. I have been wanting to be reminded of the way to do this for awhile! Thanks! It's just the lunch bags that I never have around -- I'll maybe have to get some....

  5. You've got to be kidding me! I never thought to do popcorn that hadn't been pre-measured, pre-buttered, pre-salted, pre-packaged ... Hmmm, I think our highly commercialized society has us brain washed into thinking we can do nothing on our own anymore. Thanks for breaking their mind controlling message ... giggle!

    Speaking of your visitors, I've spent this week studying about the truth of Hell in the face of all the Hellish fantasies this holiday tries to sell us, and I just wrote a post listing 10 Good Things Found In Hell. Does it surprise you as much as it did me to hear that there are good things in Hell?

  6. I"m blushing with you Lovella - I didn't know it either . . .

    I bet it's quite a money saver - not to mention that you can cut down on the salt if you need to.

    We're getting ready for our little visitors too - about 50 or so :)

  7. Lovella,

    I've seen it done before at the office, but then the bag caught fire, so I new microwave was in order. I really like the whirly popper as well. ( it could have been user error.)

    Have a great week end

  8. what a neat thing! i didn't know that either. definitely have to try it :)

  9. i didn't know that either! my difficulty with this great method is that we can't buy brown lunch bags here in germany. too bad. by the way, did you add butter to the bag as well?

  10. Yikes! I never knew this. I hate the smell of that butter type micro pop stuff. I'm going to have to try this too!!

  11. I didn't add any oil at all the oil spots are from the corn itself. I think that 1/2 cup might be a bit too much for the popcorn setting. I think I will try 1/3 cup next time.
    I feel much better now that I wasn't the last to know. . .oh, but he microwave fire, shoot. ..
    maybe oil was added to the bag?

  12. I got rid of my hot air popper when we moved...and it's been microwave popcorn around here the last few years.

    Tell us about your special seasoning. Our popcorn is always the basic...butter and salt variety.

  13. Oh, yes- well I can admit... I knew about that for years! Popcorn is a much loved snack in my house- but none of the pre-packaged microwave stuff. It has to be real- and butter/salt too please!

  14. Wow, I never knew that either - and I'm so glad you shared that "secret".

    I'm sure it tastes much better than the commercial stuff, and you can always add your own melted butter to the popcorn afterwards, if you wanted. Thanks!

    Lori T

  15. And...did you remember (or did you know?) can cook a turkey in the microwave inside of a big brown grocery bag, and all the fat juices will be absorbed by the bag, yet the bird will be tender and flavorful?

    Haven't done that in awhile, but it sure did save time when I didn't want to mess with cleaning the roasting pan and drippings, a hot kitchen or a splattered oven in the summer time.

    And who can forget the eggs cooked in the microwave on a paper plate sprayed with PAM? Puncture the yolk...cook for 90 seconds, cool, chop and you can make egg salad sandwiches for two in a jiffy.

  16. I'm going to have to try it again ... I've tried before and the sensor messes things up. It shuts the machine down - not sure why, and usually there have only been a couple of popped kernels by that point. Maybe someone else has had this problem? Solutions?!?

  17. I didn't know you could pop corn that way either, but I have made carmel corn in the microwave in a paper bag (using corn that was already popped in an air popper). That recipe warns never to leave a brown paper bag unattended in the microwave because they sometimes have little metal flakes in them that can cause a fire. I found that recipe on google, but think it was from Southern Living originally. Debbie

  18. wow i had no idea! I am going to try that for sure. Today really seems like popcorn weather to me.

  19. Once again I learned something new from you. Popcorn does seem to be a good snack in the evening. Caramel corn will be in the test kitchen soon I'm sure. Kathy

  20. Well! That's news to me too! Sounds like a much better option than the chemical kind. I'll have to go try it! thanks for enlightening us!

  21. Lovella, this is soo funny! It only occured to me a couple of days ago when I was out of my reg. microwarve popcorn - that maybe I could make popcorn with regular popcorn and a paper lunch bag ! I too thought you had to buy the 'special microwave' pre-packaged bags !!
    I was surprised that it worked with a lunch bag - I DID pour some melted butter over the popcorn once it was in the bowl !

  22. I knew about it, but I don't make my popcorn in the microwave. We do ours the old fashioned way on the stove in a covered pan. But it is a great idea, especially for little ones who just can't WAIT.

  23. Who knew?!? Wow, how exciting! I'm gonna give this a try...


  24. Lovella
    Well guess what? I didn't know this either and now I am shaking in anticipation to go and make some! LOL!
    Thanks for the info!

  25. I'm fessin' up.....I did not know!! Oh, I can hardly wait to try it..... my hot air popper is wild and it goes everywhere even if I hold up a towel.... on the stove is useless... smoky and stinky.... maybe I still have to have it on lower heat than low...

  26. I never heard that either. Way cool...we buy it buy 25 pound this is a very helpful little trick. I could give each kid their own bag on movie nights (I am sure if they could they kiss and thank you themselves)...

    did you just pour butter into the bag when you were done?

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  27. Hey everyone. . .thanks for all your enthusiasm on this post. I clearly was not the last to know. After posting this, I checked online and saw that some people had reported their bags catching fire. . and they said it was from using recycled bags that may have tiny bits of metal in them. There are plenty of sites that suggest to add a bit of olive oil to the bag for popping but I added my melted butter after the corn was popped. I would think that adding oil or butter into the bag before popping would be more likely to cause flames.
    One lady said that she mistakenly opened her microwave when she saw flames and learned later she should have simply left the door closed and unplugged.
    Regardless, I still plan to pop bags in the microwave. . it was so easy.

  28. You weren't the last one to know, I guess I am, though. Thank you. We buy HUGE amounts of popcorn for our family of 8 - it's our Sunday night tradition. Wait - lately, it's been a nightly tradition for some (they take it to their bed at night!).


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