Maple Walnut

One of my favorite flavours is Maple Walnut. I will nearly always select Maple Walnut Ice cream at an Ice Cream Parlour. . I never buy a bucket of it. . .that would just be overkill. I love Charlotte's Maple Walnut Twists. . . and I love the scent of Maple Walnut. .

Just don't give me any old Walnut. . . . you know the kind. . that has been sitting in the back of your drawer in an open bag for the last year. . . they do not taste nice . ..

I always keep my fresh bags of Walnuts in the freezer. . where they will always taste fresh. I also really love pumpkin. I love pumpkin pie. . which of course will be on the menu this weekend. Canadians are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend and the turkey and the fixings are coming together.

I did some true experimenting in my kitchen yesterday. I made some Biscotti. I looked online for Pumpkin Biscotti and nothing was really hitting the spot for me. . .so I decided to make up my own recipe.

If you love Maple Walnut. . .and you love Pumpkin . . .run on over to the MGCC and have a peek at the recipe.

Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Boy does that sound good! Being from Vermont originally, maple-walnut is a born favorite and pumpkin came in there somewhere. Enjoyed seeing the view ofyour living room/dining area.

  2. Yes, I love maple walnut, too. So you just whipped up your own recipe on the spot? Clever girl!

    I'm also admiring your lovely warm and welcoming!

    You must be out straight with Thanksgiving preparations. Enjoy...

  3. Although our Thanksgiving (US) is still a ways off, I've had it (and the traditional foods) on my mind lately.

    Your home looks so cozy and makes me want to snuggle there in the chair with William and Anna!

  4. I took a second peek at the photo and noticed that you have "my" floor lamp behind the chair! Mine came as a set with two matching end table about yours?

  5. Vicki. . .yes the lamps came as a set I think from Linens and Things . .In Canada.

  6. Your room looks so warm and inviting and with the smell of those maple biscotti what more do ya need...

  7. Your floors looks so nice and shiny.
    My carpets are being cleaned today and then it's downstairs.
    Interesting how many people love pumpkin pie. My mom always had to make an apple for me.

  8. Ohh.. I know what you mean ..I love walnuts but eating a 'bad' one is enough to put me off for some time.
    Maple Walnut ice-cream is a favorite flavour at our house too.. and yes..we do buy it by the bucket! smile

    Biscotti is my granddaughter's favorite treat .. and I do make a gluten-free one.. I'll have to post it, won't I ..

    I'll run over to see what you did with pumpkin and waple walnut... Hmmmm.. pumpkin is NOT a favorite at our house .. smile ...

  9. I love everything pumpkin - pie, icecream, cake, Starbucks latte ..... especially the latte combined with their ginger molasses cookie!

    Maple walnut used to be a treat too - until the braces came on! Now those nuts are just too much of a problem!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

    Lori T

  10. Thanks for the little visit into your most inviting home! I also know what you mean by walnuts having to be fresh. We've been spoiled with fresh walnuts from my parents cabin and I can't even bring myself to buy the ones in the store. I'm off to MGCC!

  11. oh...I can see that Thanksgiving is already lurking in the corners of your home! Wonderful... Hm lurking sounds wrong....but I just smell the maple walnut and the pumpkin pie...coming up next?!!!

  12. Pumpkin pie is on our menu too - along with apple pie and a special banana dessert that I will have to post the recipe -it's fabulous.

  13. Lovella, mine, too...from Linens N Things in Florida. You have such good taste! *grins*

  14. I looks warm and inviting...and with that pumpkin aroma, it spells 'welcome'! You need to patent your original thing you know, Martha S. will be baking your pumpkin-walnut biscotti.

  15. That certainly is a delectable flavor combination....and your biscotti look extremely tempting!

    Mmmm, turkey and pumpkin pie! You are making me long for you know, we have several weeks to go here in the States.

    Wishing you a very blessed Thanksgiving Day!

  16. That biscotti looks amazing!!! Love the "fall" look in your home!

    Isn't fall beautiful?

  17. Are you sure one day will be enough time for you to get in all your "thankful for" declarations? You've had quite a year of things to be thankful about. And not just for turkey and pumpkin pie either!

    A suggestion for the grans first Thanksgiving: Start a thanksgiving journal, and have everyone write in it. Soon enough the babes will be old enough to add their own thanksgiving thoughts on thanksgiving day...and down through the generations the thankfulness will flow and will not be forgotten in a year or two.


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