peeling away the layers

I so enjoy this time of year. . and nearly trip over myself running to and fro on the farm capturing the coloring of the leaves. One of the truly rewarding things about blogging is that I can look back to see how the colors looked last year at this time. .and the flowers. .. and the bark.

The white birch is sloughing its dead skin once more. I can relate. . .I am trying to slough some of that myself. Physically, there is only so much a girl can do. The time is ticking and in a few months the all important and very anticipated milestone birthday will come looking in my window. No matter. . .I'm healthy and very blessed to have the chance to see another autumn. A little wear and tear on the outside is important .. .so the grands know who grammie is. .right?
Ah. . .but the inside, now that is not up for debate. Each and every year, I add a layer of substance to my being. I look back on this last year. . . at this time last year, I was nearly squirrely with anticipation of the grands arriving. Even though I still had nearly two months to wait. . .my focus was consumed with a heart of love for wee ones I had never held nor felt beneath my ribs. . but loved just the same.
More and more, I am aware, that I cannot be the grandmother that I long to be, if I am not willing to learn from others, and listen to advice and mind my grandmotherly manners. I've already learned a thing or two .. good things. . and I'll share them with you another time. God continues to peel away the layers that are not beneficial. . . he is the master at knowing all he designed me to be.
Today, is cousin camp. We get the two for one deal .. at least part of the day. The muffins are in the oven .. .oh don't be so impressed. . .the batter was chilling in the fridge. .and you can have fresh muffins in the morning as well, if you check my recipe over at MGCC.
OH. . .and fantastic news. . .I'll be away from my desk for the remainder of the week. I am going to be doing something I have longed to do my whole womanly .. .life. All I can say. . .is good things do occasionally come to those that wait.. . .and wait. . and wait. . You would never guess what I have never done. . .oh wait ..I did it once but before I was married. .
I could tell you, but then you might not show up on Monday .. .
Have a wonderful weekend my friends.


  1. Ooh...anticipation...secrets...guess we'll just have to wait patiently for Monday.

    Enjoy the day with the grands and your upcoming weekend!

    Oh, and I'm a willing listener and learner when it comes to receiving any advice on becoming a good grandmother!

  2. Boy, Lovella, your sure have us curious now. Your header is sure colorful. Have a great weekend. Dairymary

  3. Well you are such a tease. That muffin looks real enough for me to grab through the screen :0)
    See you on Monday...

  4. You are up early!! Wish I could join you for one of those hot muffins :)

    I was looking at the birch bark yesterday too - and the changing leaves - and dodging bluejays who were dropping acorns on the kitties, Sophie and me :)

    I like your ideas on substance and peeling away layers. Looking forward to hearing more.

    And of course - hearing about whatever fun event that is coming up this weekend! Enjoy!

  5. Beautiful header Lovella!
    I like that about peeling away layers..
    Have a great day with the grands and a wonderful weekend..
    And yes I will be waiting to hear what this 'thing' is that you have been wanting to do..

  6. Your header is just beautiful! have me curious! You've done it once before...and I have no idea. I'll be back bright and early Monday morning to solve the mystery!

    You have a wonderful day with those grands...and enjoy the muffins.

  7. I thought the secret would be rervealed today, but no . . . we have to wait some more. Enjoy your weekend, is all I can say! Something you haven't done your whole married life?

  8. You are very wise, Lovella. I always enjoy reading your thoughts and contemplating them. This post was no exception.

    And, you have me wondering about Monday's revelation and also the little mistakes you have made as a grandmother. Hmmmm...

  9. The muffin looks so yummy. Your in store for a fun day with the 2 little ones....and a great weekend ahead:) YOur new header in Fall Perfect. Kathy

  10. Great pictures describing the pealing away. Oh hope that you are also meaning that the pounds are pealing off.

    I agree...there is so much to learn as we journey on. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed. I don't want anyone to see my layers anymore.
    How can we hide them?

  11. Sounds like you're off for a great weekend! can't wait to hear. Made your chocolate chip cookies last week for Bible Study and everyone loved them. They are now my official chocolate chip cookie recipe to use. Am trying a spice cookie from MGCC for tonight.

  12. beautiful post, like you i am peelingaway the layers and am surprised to find things in me that never existed.....both good and bad. have a great day with the babes and a wonderful weekend that we are all waiting with anticipation to here about!!!!

  13. Ohh..we'll be back on Monday, Lovella!!
    and whatever it is that you anticipating, I hope it is all you are expecting it to be!
    and have fun today with your grandbabies!

  14. How can you keep us in suspense like this?!

  15. Hope your weekend is everything you expect, plus more. I look forward to your Monday blog. Lori T

  16. Um...squirrelly as a descriptive of you in terms of grandchildren is not a past tense item. It is still applicable...and probably will be even if you have a dozen grands to blog about.

    Hoo boy...yup, it's all about grand, and who can blame you for even one second?

  17. That muffin looks yummy! and the Fall season is a good one to reflect, as we seen the greenyness turn to brown...are you going to the spa? hmmm...i wonder what you'll be doing you got me curious.


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