back at the playground . .again

As parents. . . .we pretty much all hope the same thing for our children, don't we?

We do our best in raising them and hope for the best for them. . . .

and often pray for them.
So often while Terrence was growing up, my curious side would wonder what he would do for a living, and who he would marry.

The years continue to fly by far quicker than I imagined they would.

Moments in time come back to me. .. times we laughed together, learned together . . . . and
times I was unnecessarily cross and impatient.

Still in spite of our parenting. . .

Terrence is all that we hoped he might be.

Recently we went back to the playground with Terrence, Bea and their little guy.

He carried the lil' farm hand high on his shoulders. . much like his Daddy did for him.
Often I think that I write these posts for myself .. . .it gives me time to reflect and remember and cherish the moments that I hold dear.
The years that I planned birthday parties and baked cakes and invited little boys to come help celebrate are long over.
Some posts come so quickly for me. . . and yet this one I have written and then deleted sentences and started again.
My heart is so full of memories and a tenderness for my son who since he is a boy . .
cannot possibly "get" a mother's heart.
God did not create little boys to remain "momma boys" forever.. . . .and it's a good thing too.
I'm just so grateful that he is who he is. . . we quite "like" him,
and it always amazes me that he is more like his grandpa than anyone else.
Terrence had fifteen years of his life with this grandpa. . . . not nearly enough time in our estimation and yet God makes no mistakes and now often we smile as we see "Dad" in our son.
Grandpa would be so proud of this boy. . . this man. . . who mirrors him in so many ways.
I pray that he will always have a sensitive heart towards God and towards his family.
I'm still learning about being a mom. . . .I'll always be a mom. . .
the job description just keeps changing.
So. . .on this day marking the 29th year of our son's life. . .
I wish you a wonderful day my friends. I'm hungry for cake.


  1. Happy Birthday, Terrance! May God Bless you with many more to come!

  2. Enjoy your day of celebrating your son...of twenty-nine years of being his mom...of reminiscing...and of eating cake!

    What a beautiful header photo you picked, Lovella.

  3. Lovella, you express yourself so well. Happy birthday to your son. Enjoy your cake; it's well earned.

  4. Oh my! That header is amazing!!!

  5. Love your header photo Lovella! Happy Birthday to your son and hoping your family had a great day!

  6. So true. I can see you writing and deleting. There's so much and you want to reflect the truth through your post and yet at the same time your are so humbly thankful to God for blessing you with a son like Terrance.
    Don't eat too much cake.

  7. Happy Birthday to your dear son! I do so enjoy reading your blog. Your ability to verbalize your feelings is a gift.
    I've started a new blog and hope you'll be able to pop over from time to time to say hello.
    Take care!

  8. Happy Birthday to your son - what a dear picture of your boy! I'm the same way - the remembering posts are both sweet and bittersweet aren't they?

    Love your new header!

  9. what you wrote is so real and special. I can almost read even the unspoken heart feelings and so agree with you as a Mom of a son. What a blessing it is to see your children grow up to be all and more than you imagined! Happy Birthday to T. I remember those days when we were all so in tune with each other's pregnancies and when each was due etc. (Oct 27 was my due date a year later)

  10. As a mother of only daughters, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on raising your boys, and thank you for your post. Have a wonderful family celebration tonight. Lori T

  11. Oh. Lovella, make no mistake, a son is ALWAYS a Momma-boy !
    All you have to do is watch the big strong manly athletes... put a camera in their face and what do they say ? 'Hi Mom, I love you'....

  12. What a beautiful birthday tribute. Even though our sons may not remain "momma's boys," they do hold a special place in our hearts, and we mommas are always in their thoughts (I'm thinking exactly of what Julie said - all those athletes facing cameras always say, "Hi, Mom!"). Happy birthday, Terrance.

    I love your new header photo...that bridge and the surrounding scenery are breath-taking.

  13. Happy Birthday to your son..he's getting so many wishes from all these women..oh my!
    Have a great celebration!
    I too love your new header, Lovella!

  14. Beautifully said, Lovella. Deeply heartfelt emotions are heard to put into words ... but yours were delivered with such a sweet and genuine spirit of love and admiration toward your 'grown' boy. Your son is a blessed man because of you, and I am blessed to watch from afar.

  15. Happy Birthday Terrance. We had the privelege of being close friends and neighbours and so we watch Terrance grow up during his early and elemantary years. His laugh was contageous, his smile sincere. He was a good friend,and a little guy that loved his family....and it is obvious that he still does. We too saw his grandpa in him and still do....that is a compliment to his character. We don't often get to see him and his family but we really enjoyed camping and catching up this past summer. Happy Birthday Terrance.....from Scot and Kathy

  16. My very wise mother in law told me that she (and therefore, I) did not raise her children to be children forever. Her plan from the beginning was to raise ADULTS--men and women.

  17. Absolutely beautiful. I can hear the tenderness of your words. You are a wonderful mom and a very blessed woman.


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