the water park

I wondered what to call this post .
Thirsty . . . or "nein. .nein". . as he often reminds me as he walks past the china cabinet with the door pulls that are conveniently at his level.
When I popped my head around the corner and saw the lil' farm hand experimenting with his new found water park .. .my first instinct was to say. . ."nein, nein". . .
but then I had the good sense to hold my tongue and run for the camera.
I took my pics. . . (he glanced at me once with a cheesy toothless grin)
and then I broke the news to him. . .
another "nein, nein" to add to the never ending list of untouchables.
I pulled out a stack of towels .. . and sopped up the spill . . .
and popped him in the wagon and moseyed out to the shop to see Grampie.
At 10 months old his little disappointments in life are very easily soothed.
I'm sure that God is teaching me little lessons as I also teach little lessons.
Oh, that I would be receptive and gentle in my spirit when my
course in life needs a wee bit of correction.
Have a wonderful day my friends .. .


  1. He's so cute and what a bright little fellow to know how much fun it would be to pull the lever. So many no-nos in raising children. Sometimes it bothers me when everything is "no." I don't recall feeling this way as a mom, but as a grandmother...definitely.

    My two year old grand says to all these "no"s "Oh fine!" This, at least, makes me laugh.

  2. I'm with's so hard to say 'no' to the grandkids...especially when they are in the midst of a great new discovery. The water dispenser in my fridge door seems to call out to them all the time as well. There are many 'nein, nein's' in life...a lesson that starts early and never ends.

    So glad you ran for your cute!

  3. How wonderful to get another chance at gentle discipline with grandchildren. Love the title of the post!!

  4. You could have titled this post 'Just go with the flow'. These little ones have been given inquisitive minds and they are using all their senses to dicover the world around them. We just have to divert their attention at times. Good thing you have a wagon and a grampie on the farm to visit now and again. Kathy

  5. Lovella, you captured such a cute pic of your little farm hand! What a cycle..first we say no and then later they do.
    I'm off to bake 'sugar buns' for my g'kids..

  6. Oh, you said, it...Trying to be sensitive to what God can teach you through these next years.
    I am asking that every day at mealtime. It seems to be a struggle for the little one, so maybe today I'll start with Ice-Cream.
    I love the water park idea.

  7. I remember the "never ending no" days. One little one of mine used to say no to himself as he was doing whatever he knew he shouldn't.

    Why does this seem familiar to me? :)

  8. What an incredible was meant to be...that you should run for that camera instead. This shot says so many things....but the 'delight of a discovery' ...that is what I see. The joy of a simple thing such as this and it was so good that you did not interfere with the 'nien' this time. There are always more important 'no's' ... right? All too soon

  9. What a sweetheart! It's so amazing how much they discover and learn in the early years, and watching them make those discoveries is sometimes priceless. Glad you caught that one on camera!

    Sounds like you're teaching him both German and English?!

    Lori T

  10. I love it! Definitely the joy of new experiences and discoveries. Isn't it amazing how many things they learn so quickly? How does he respond to the "nein, nein"? I'm picturing a quick little grin and another short pull just to see if you're serious.

  11. Lori. . . his mama is speaking German only to him. . .and I'm struggling to relearn what I once knew. It is a good reason to relearn I would say.
    Nancy. . . yes. . you got it.

  12. Ohh.. what a little smartie he is, and soooo cute! grandmothers we do hate the 'no' word.
    One day when my granddaughter was just over a year, she and my daughter came over for a visit.
    My daughter asked her little daughter... "what does Mommy say?" My granddaughter said, "Nooo!"
    Then my daughter asked, "what does Nanna say?"
    With a big grin, my granddaughter replied, "Ookay!"

  13. Far too cute of a picture!!! I can see, he will win over many hearts! Stay firm with the NO if you can ~ wish you luck on that! :)

  14. He is so cute! Our New Boy is starting to hear, "No, no! That's not for you!" as he becomes more mobile.


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