mopping up!!

I'm posting on Tuesday evening and watching the election results. . .killing two birds with one stone .. .(is it still Okay to say such a thing?)

I had the good sense to make friends with a certain blogger back east. This election for the first time ever.. . the emails kept me in the loop a wee bit.

I felt so informed. . . .and kept running to tell my beloved so that he too would be in the loop.

Today. .the signs will start coming down and the road ways will once again be free of those annoying signs. . .does anyone really read those?

Speaking of mopping up .. .

my beloved was finishing chores yesterday when I popped into the barn to see him.

I had my camera with me . . and snapped a few pictures of him cleaning up after gathering the eggs.

We He takes the cleaning very seriously.

People often wonder what all needs to be done here on the farm. .

Farming has changed dramatically over the last decade.

Cleanliness is taken very seriously .. . from the farm to your table. . .

The floors are cleaned and there is not a cob web to be seen . ..
Have you had your egg today?
Get cracking .. .
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. I was so excited to see your post today! :) I've been trying to piece together from all your posts just what is in your barn! :) Now I've figured it out -- you must have chickens. :) hmm... the "farm fresh eggs" in all your recipes did hint and so did all that manure several weeks back. Now I'm pretty sure. :)

    I must say the pictures do look spotless!

  2. Spotless is definately how I would describe your barn ... wish my HOUSE was that clean! Is your beloved known as Mr. Clean, and is he available for hire?!

  3. I'm just finishing my eggs yet :0)
    That looks like one clean floor!!
    You guys are ahead of us in everything elections and thanksgiving. I can hardly wait till it's all over.

  4. Oh Lovella I too am glad that the election is over and all the signs will be cleaned up..hopefully today! Those signs do not beautify the city but rather make everything look cluttered.
    I agree that Terry does a great job with clean up! Tell him we are all impressed.
    As for having an egg this morning..I had a muffin and I'm quite sure there was an egg in that recipe!

  5. Duplication error? Hmmmm...

    No, I had oatmeal, but there's nothing better than farm fresh'em.

    Your hubby is a very good farmer!

    I'll be glad, too, when the signs can come down over here, but first I need to put up a few.

  6. That was fun Lovella, although I learned today that it might be against the law. I find that hard to believe. A person can't email a friend?? What's the world coming to :) I'm glad it's over too - I'm tired of the topic and hope that we can get back to regular life. But what will they talk about on CBC?

    I"m thinking of getting some Rhode Island Reds so that we can have our own eggs. What is your expert farmer opinion?

  7. We're all mopping up after the election...but the signs won't be gone any time soon, since we now have municipal elections around the corner!

    Things look spit polished in your could eat out there!

  8. It was oatmeal this AM. After my walks in the brisk air, I often come in to the smell of fresh hot coffee and oatmeal. Since we now leave at about the same time in the mornings we get to have breakfast together. Tomorrow we will have the eggs along with bacon and the works. Once a week we do that. We get our eggs not too far away from a local farmer. Always fresh! Ah yes, Terry is Mr Clean. He takes pride in his work and that is a good thing. I saw several couples cleaning up the signs on my way to work this AM. I'm sure all involved in the hard work of any election will be ready to put their feet up for a day or two. I think that is allowed. Now...lets pray for Mr Harper as he leads us together with all the other people in parliament. What a huge resposibility and commitment. I wouldn't want it but I sure don't mind praying for them. That I do enjoy doing. Kathy

  9. I always say you can eat off our barn floors. It's not only about health regulations, it's all the book work involved. Whew!
    But nobody would ever want to eat chicken if things we not up to health standards and we still have a job...

  10. Yes indeed, what a clean "barn" - but as a consumer, I am so grateful that you do keep it that way. Thank you!

    It will be good to see all those cluttered signs go away for now ..... until the next election!

    Lori T

  11. It's reassuring to see that the source of our eggs and chickens (well, probably not mine since I'm so far away, but you know what I mean) is so clean and well-maintained!

    I, too, am so tired of the clutter of campaign signs...we still have a few more weeks of enduring them. I believe they have two weeks to remove them after the election, but I believe that's thirteen days too late.

  12. Yes, as a matter of fact I did have my egg today. Quail egg(s), hard cooked, and just as cute as they could be. Did you know the inside of quail egg shells are pale turquoise blue?

    Ah, a man with a mop...such a lovely thing.

    I hope you were pleased with the election results.

  13. Yes...we love eggs... and probably eat more than the average people...
    Terry is the cleanest farmer I know.... Didn't he get some kind of recognition for his clean barns?

    Yes, I am thankful the election is over and I am happy with the results !


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