Thanksgiving 2008

The bad news.. .. today is a drizzly rainy chilly mess.
The good news. . . .Saturday and Sunday were the picture of perfect autumn weather.
I ran to the "way back"
and snapped Mount Baker through the turning leaves of the Blueberry plants.
The bad news. . .strawberry jam and the fresh cranberry sauce. . . from the cranberries that our neighbors kindly gave us. . . look very similar. .
He said. . . .as he was putting strawberry jam on his turkey. . . "are these cranberries?"
I said. . ."Oh .. shoot. . . scrape that off. . .I'll go get the cranberry sauce"
(mentally noting that is something my mother would have done in her later years. . .)
Tell me the truth this not an honest mistake?
The bad news. . . I only set for five adults and one high chair. . .
the tummy bug found its way in the the lil' farm hands .. . house.
The good news. . . .
. . .. still thinking.
(ah .. .reports this morning that the bug is leaving and as soon as the chores are done. . .
I'll be putting leftovers together and . . . well it is exactly 35 minutes when I drive to the lil' farm hand's house . . . .my beloved can do it in under half an hour . . .he'll be driving)
Going for a walk in crunchy leaves . . .in shorts . .in flip flops . .
pushing the little grandgirlie . . .in Canada . . .in October . .priceless.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry you didn't get to be together after all that anticipation!
    About the jam and cranberries ... that reminded me of when we were all together at Kristal's for Christmas last year. 3 year-old Paeton didn't want to eat mashed potatoes, so I quickly convinced him that if he put jam on them they would taste good. (I was thinking of the cranberry/turkey combo, but didnt' expect him to like those yet) Well, he couln't eat enough potatoes and just recently my daughter informed me that he still eats his potatoes with strawberry jam on them. That's one way that weird habbits begin . . .

  2. That's so sad about the tummy bug! It sounds like you had beautiful weather! And the strawberry jam mix up is hilarious!! you could start a tradition... :)

  3. Hmmm...wonder what strawberry jam on turkey might taste like. Might have to give it try on our Thanksgiving Day.

    Loved the flip flop grandpop pic. Short and thongs this time of year is pretty priceless indeed.

  4. too bad about the bug...glad that things are on the mend there.
    hilarious about the jam though, absolutely an honest mistake =}.
    isn't it great when we have nice weather in autumn. it is miserable here in the praries.=[
    i am still anticipating an indian summer....(is it politically correct to call it that these days?)

  5. So sorry you couldn't ALL be together around the table yesterday! Oh well...the Christmas turkey is not too far away...and you can put the two high chairs side by side then.

    Yesterday was definitely a lovely day for walking in crunchy never occurred to me to wear shorts and flip flops though.

    Enjoy your second round of turkey dinner today!

  6. Wasn't the weather just fabulous this weekend?!

    We had two less at our table yesterday as well - no "bugs", but too many midterms to study for, and our kids have to come from Kelowna, so they couldn't just drive down for dinner, although she was very tempted!

    Lori T

  7. Oh my....what a cute post. We did up a 7 kg turkey for just the three of us...I really must learn to cook/bake for less. Sigh....we usually have guests but this year I was aiming to packup the leftovers for a relative whose wife is undergoing we too had 'empty chairs'.

    The jam/cranberry thing....gosh. Who cares right? For the first time, I made my own cranberry sauce. All the recipes called for wayyyyyyy too much sugar so I invented my own...okay...the boys like the MORE SUGAR variety. BUT, it did help me realize how much sugar goes into it and I am thinking...what is the diff....cranberries or jam....same! So...I will try and post my reduced sugar variety on MGCC someday soon. I am still eating it! Ta...Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I'm glad your thanksgiving was so nice but so sorry to hear about the tummy bug up there too... we have had a little one down here this past week too. I am missing the sunshine today too!! Oh, well, nothing like a drizzly day to keep you inside and doing the chores!

  9. You too, have a wonderful day! Hey, maybe cranberry sauce on toast is the new flavour?!

  10. Sorry to hear about the tummy bug - and glad to hear that it's leaving.

    It's always a little scary to me when I start having one of those "like my mother" moments :)

    We're having an Oct shorts day on the east coast too! A reprieve from the rain.

    A very Happy Thanksgiving to you, Terry and the family.

  11. Ohh..I'm sorry your little farm hand had to miss his first Thanksgiving dinner!

    I smiled at your strawberry jam/cranberry sauce dilemma. If I had been there I wouldn't have said a word..I actually prefer strawberry jam with my turkey! smile
    Hmmm... haven't ever tried strawberry jam with mashed potatoes though ... smile.. I think I'll stick with the jam/turkey combo!

  12. Oh dear! That tummy bug wasn't nice at all!

    But the weather! The weather sounds wonderful for you.

  13. So often life is like this...we have the best plans and the highest expectations when the bug hits or the weather threatens or there is a great strawberry-cranberry mix-up.
    And I hope that those who gathered enjoyed the time together. I'm still imagining Judy and family gathered around the table singing the Doxology.

    (I'm sure that your son and his family will enjoy the leftovers.)

  14. Strawberry glazed turkey? Hmmm ... sounds like a new Mennonite Girls Thanksgiving recipe!

    We haven't had the tummy bug, but I DO have a head cold that has stripped my voice away ... I haven't heard any complaints from my family, though!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, may the Lord bless you abundantly in the coming year.

  15. i once tried shredded wheat with grape jelly. i don't recommmend it.

  16. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving an next year will bring you even more blessings !

  17. Hi Lovella....homemade strawberry jam tastes good with lots of unexpected things! It makes a good Thanksgiving Day story for next year too. They do look very much alike...a very understandable mistake!

  18. Hey Lovella, there's a little message for you over at my blog.



  19. Going for a walk in crunchy leaves . . .in shorts . .in flip flops . .
    pushing the little grandgirlie . . .in Canada . . .in October . .priceless.

    Priceless indeed! There is nothing that puts a bigger smile on my face than time spent with my Puddin Toes.

    Many Blessings to you and yours!


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