October Roses and other bits

Yesterday I clipped off the last of my rose buds. They were having a hard time opening with the chilly nights and the rain is in the forecast so . . . .I brought them in.

The roses got a bit of fall pruning while I was at it. I don't like to cut them too short but I also don't leave them looking bedraggled.

OH. . .and I thought I would give you a peek at the "glare" pictures that I settled on for our eating area. I know you can't really see how they look, but I never did get the summer ones done and I decided to document that I did do fall pictures this year. Buying non glare glass is on my to do list.
I do wonder how long it will be before I'm running willy nilly around the countryside looking for perfect winter shots. . .
You will be amongst the first to know. . .I'm sure.
OH. . .and then I thought I would show you that UP in Canada. . .we are still enjoying our Geraniums too. They are the hardiest of the annuals and I'm leaving them until I can leave them no longer.

Then, since this post is already so eclectic. . . I thought I would show you a few things that I served for our dinner guests the other night.

I've been making Apple Bar and Apple Pie by the Yard till it has nearly been making itself. . .trying to use the apple up.
The other day, I realized that I didn't have any icing sugar in the house and I couldn't make the thin icing to drizzle over the top. . ..and so I melted Caramels and drizzled that over top.
If you still have a few lingering apples on your tree, do give this a try. .

OH. . .and then I also made a loaf of Multigrain bread and thought that I should probably remind you to get your heavy dutch ovens out of the cupboard and fire up your oven, now that the cooler temperatures are here.
Honestly we love this bread so much, I made it all summer.
I posted it on my own blog. . .but this morning you can find it on the MGCC blog too. . I just keep experimenting with it and lately I've been letting it have its last rise in a bed of grains. . .
Well, I think that is it. . .
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. i just love all your pictues. what a good and creative way to showcase then and keep your decor interesting....you a a clever gal.
    your guests were treated to a scrumptious meal and warm hospitality.......lucky them.

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  3. Oh, thank you! While in KY last week, I stopped off at my favorite orchard and brought home a lot of apples...and I've been trying to decide what to do with them...now I know!

    I enjoyed the little peek around your place, especially the photos you selected for the dining area.

  4. Wonderful photos to document what's going on around you Lovella. I like it. Looks like you are still getting some nice sun-shiny days. I love October up there!! Way to improvise with the caramel. I really like how you framed your photos, too...

  5. Great to see all the pics Lovella, a bit of this and a bit of that!
    That bread is looking mighty good..I must try it, it will be a change from my regular multigrain recipe.
    My geraniums are still blooming and I too leave them out as long as possible.

  6. You are full of good ideas today...I think I'll borrow a few. Your pic's look wonderful...how fun to have your own artwork on the wall...and change it up with the seasons. And allowing the bread to rise in a bed of grains...I like that as well. And drizzling caramels on apple anything sounds yummy. Yip...lots of good ideas.

  7. I had such a nice time in the park this morning taking pictures . . . maybe some will end up on the wall somewhere too. I came back and saw the big box of apples from the lake, reminding me that they need to be cared for today. It's so encouraging that others are going about their day in a similar fashion and enjoying the blessings around us. Thanks you for a beautiful inspiring post.

  8. Oh my, what a lovely and yummy post! Love those 'seasonal' pictures.

    :) LaTeaDah

    PS: Apple bars and apple pie? Yum!

  9. Loved your post today. Kinda gave a warm feeling to me. I received flowers from my FIL's garden yesterday when they came for supper. The last of his clippings too. Pictures look fabulous, bread in grains and apples with caramel....oh my so yummy. We had one of the apple pies I had frozen awhile back last night. I'm always glad to be able to pull summer and fall goodies out of my freezer. Your china is perfect for fall. You pulled it together well with all the extra touches. Enjoy the day Kathy

  10. Your photos look terrific! And the bread looks wonderful! Just picked the last of my flowers too... my rhododendron has a bloom (how weird is that?). Still wishing for my camera.....

  11. I love the last of your roses ... kind of nostalgic feeling isn't it. In fact, the whole of autumn makes me feel that way. And I love the looks of that BREAD! Yummmmmm.

  12. your table looks so pretty Lovella . Your so creative!

  13. Your framed photos are gorgeous! I enlarged and framed one of mine so far - a lady slipper picture I took in the spring.

    I want that apple dessert right now! And the bread. I am going to try both recipes.

    We are still enjoying the geraniums - they have buds on them and my petunias are still blooming - and it's almost Nov! My SIL called from Philly to say that it was snowing there on Monday...

  14. That bread looks wonderful! I'm looking forward to cooler weather and maybe some time to bake bread.

  15. The bread looks real tasty and your home so inviting!!!

  16. Thanks so much for your glimpses of fall. It is my favourite season and I miss it being down here. We get a fall but it just isn't the same. Now we are heading into summer so I love being able to see fall through your eyes. Beautiful pics.


  17. I can't tell you how many times I've made Pie By The Yard this summer/fall. It's always a hit and workd so well with other fruit as well. It is quickly becoming a family favorite. Love the drizzle idea too.

    Thanks for all the ideas!


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