ballerina in boots

She's just like her Mama. . . cute as a button.

I'm happy to see her picking up a musical instrument, starting with the drums is okay .. .the piano will come later. My little great niece is proudly wearing her new snow boots. Eastern Canada loves its snow and well, its best to be prepared early. OH .. but its way to early to be putting away the summer ballerina suit so her fashion consultant assured her .. .ballerina dresses are worn on top of clothes .. . this fall.

Shaye is enjoying the time spent with mommy and daddy. Lately. . .Mommy has more time to read books. . . and time to watch. . and time to sit and listen to Shaye's chatter. Shaye is sleeping in her big girl bed. . .seems timely. In a month or so. . . Shaye is going to be a big sister and very busy packing around her own baby dolls.

Our extended family had a big increase last year. Last year six new babies were born and this year there will be two.
Tammy is having twins. . . oh how fun. . Everywhere I go I look at baby clothes. . .for wee ones again. Pink and Blue. . .or yellow and green .. cream and tan. . .brown and pink. . navy and powder blue. . black and plaids. . oh the combinations are endless. .
I wished we lived closer .. it will be Christmas before we see the wee ones. . .and of course . . . Shaye. .
Will they look like their Mama again? Or will they favour their Daddy? One thing we know for sure, they are blessed to be loved, even now. . .
Forever O Lord,
your word stands firm in heaven.
Your faithfulness extends to every generation,
as enduring as the earth you created.
Psalm 119 :89,90
It is impossible for me not to think of the wee ones Great grandparents, who held fast to this promise. They may not be on this earth to hold and welcome additions into their family, but their legacy of love and faith. . . is with us. . until we meet them again.
Every baby born is a blessing and a gift from our Heavenly Father. . .the two little ones on the way. . .are indeed another blessing for our family.
Take Care . .. Quinn and Tammy. . and we'll keep praying for the safety of you all. . . with love.
Have a wonderful day my friends.


  1. Isn't that adorable! The little tutu and the pink boots...what all well-dressed young ladies will be wearing?

    Tammy looks so happy...I pray that she and the twins remain safe and healthy and that this will be an easy delivery.

    I love to think of each little blessing as a "legacy of love and faith"...and as one of God's gifts to us.

  2. She's so cute in her tutu and boots...both pink, I see.

    A big sister to twins? Wow! She's going to be a busy little girl. (I'm glad that you said that because your niece looks very heavy with child and she, herself, is a explains everything.)

    Praise God for the children and for growing families who love and serve Him.

  3. How exciting! Tammy will be very Shaye best enjoy plenty of laptime now.

    A tutu, a drum and boots (and a big smile!)...she's all ready for the parade. Very sweet.

  4. Oh I so love little girls dressed like this :0)
    What a wonderful blessing to keep adding to your extended family. Have a great day!

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  6. What a cutie... I miss those days every so often. I guess I am slowly preparing for the days when I might have the privilege of wee ones again.
    What an amazing blessing having twins. I always thought that would be the best. Does it run in the families at all?
    When I zoomed into the picture of Tammy I couldn't get over the resemblance I saw to your mom. Have you ever seen that? Wow! The legacy continues. God is Good!

  7. Ohh.. what a little sweetie, and I love Shaye's fashion sense!

    Tammy is looking quite 'ready' !! smile... but she's still smiling - a very good sign.. We'll be praying for her and the little ones.. what a fun blessing to look forward to. I think this would be a VERY good time for them to move back here, don't you?

    Your post is again thoughtful and heartfelt...and yes, your parents ,I'm sure , are smiling down to see all the new 'blessings' being added to the legacy they left behind!

  8. A ballerina in boots ... how adorable! May she sing and dance and praise the Lord with all that is within her, and may those twins follow in her footsteps.

  9. Shaye is adorable - such a sunny expression!

    Sigh... I always wanted twins. They're a double blessing

    (and so cute to dress :)

  10. WOW! I remember my niece giving birth to twins in the last month.
    Little Shaye will always be known as the big sister.
    Congratulations Tammy and we will be cheering you on.
    We sure dressed conservative in those days...

  11. Reading Shirley's comment about Tammy looking like your Mom....I agree. She looks SO much like her. All the best Tammy! You look beautiful! Kathy


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